Dumb Fact Monday: Playable Jay-Z

This is Dumb Fact Monday, serving up random facts about basketball video games that you may or may not find interesting.

It seems like only recently that we were all complaining about the gold swirls and menu equalizers in NBA 2K13, probably because it was only last year. Executively produced by Jay-Z, NBA 2K13 gained criticism for the presentation elements that were supposedly designed by the man himself. 2K themselves claimed that Jay-Z had his fingerprints all over the game, and articles came out about Jay-Z using his star power to get Scottie Pippen and Charles Barkley in last year’s game for the Team USA vs Dream Team hype. Aside from the presentation elements and his name on the box, Jay-Z was not included in the game’s celebrity team and was only shown in videogame form in the crowd of Net games.

From the PC user’s standpoint, this was simply strange at best. After all Jay-Z had a hidden cyberface file, complete with a hat, ready to use within the game files. This isn’t the first time celebrity faces have been found, as Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, and even Jay Leno’s faces have shown up hidden on the game disc. What was strange was the lack of a playable Jay-Z in NBA 2K13 since all the files needed were in place.

Jay Z in NBA 2K13 PCAgain, not counting PC mods, we can do anything.

So if 2K dropped the ball by not having a playable Jay-Z that could be dunked on, you have to wonder what EA would do. Or in this case, did do. Even though it was only 7 short years ago, Jay-Z was featured as a special character in EA’s worst Live series game, NBA Live 07. Of course, no one would expect EA, especially the current EA, to simply give a playable Jay-Z character away, and unfortunately this was the case 7 years ago, too.

Jay Z in NBA Live 07.That ain’t sim baby.

The price for this super Jay-Z in-game was buying a pair of his S. Carter Basketball IV shoes, so really you would buy the shoes for the shoes, and this would be just a bonus, right? The code would unlock Jay-Z’s all star team, as well as himself as a free agent in the game’s Season and Dynasty modes. According to Worthplaying, this super Jay-Z is quick like Iverson, jumps like Baron Davis, and shoots 3s like Peja…oh 2007 how you are missed. Still, this was one of those promotions where you really would be better off with the shoes, because at least NBA Live 07 had a create a player feature if we wanted to play as someone with skills like that, or just, not play NBA Live 07 at all.

So I hope you enjoyed reading about something that happened not too long ago. Let me know what you think in the comments below and there is a discussion thread in the NLSC Forums as well.

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February 18, 2014 4:39 am

Did they still include Jay-Z in 2K14 as well? I remember reading about Cliff Paul, which I saw someone already made a cyberface for.