Dumb Monday: Feeling Forced to Patch

This is Dumb Mondays, starting the workweek off with silly facts or some of my opinions and predictions that you may or may not find interesting. This week I am sharing a dumb thought of mine and will be looking for and responding to your comments throughout the week.

We are only getting closer to NBA 2K15’s release. October 7th will bring many of us primarily PC-based users into the ‘next generation’ of basketball video games and will undoubtedly change the landscape of PC modding for NBA 2K games. I still foresee only two major directions modding and NBA 2K15 can go. Either modding will be possible with some new (or maybe old!) tools, or impossible because of VC being a part of the picture. So with this imminent shift coming to our community I have been feeling a bit forced to clear out my patching bucket list. As I have said many times before, we should only patch if it is fun for ourselves, but lately I have been making an exception to that rule.

This may or may not have been a part of a previous Tuesday Triple or Dumb something Monday, but I do have a bucket list (for lack of a better term) for modding. I think I have crossed mostly everything off of it. NBA Live 2004 got updated, I have created multiple generic mods for NBA 2K games, and even NBA Street vol. 2 got a roster update. While I do have some things I initially wanted to patch this summer that I know will not happen, I am feeling the need to force myself to backburner some of those wants in favor of a low-quality street mod that not too many people, or myself, will probably play or enjoy.

Midnight Ballers v2 Court Preview NBA 2K14 Street Mod

That is pretty much it. The unspectacular return of Midnight Ballers. Initially created as a neat season mod for NBA Live PC, I brought the mod back in the final month of NBA 2K13 last year before converting it for NBA 2K14 shortly after its launch. It’s a fun little quasi-Street mod. Last year began the 1-texture court revolution and I had a bit too much fun making over 60 court textures with no mod to use them with. So rather than create realistic environments for those courts, I simply kept a black environment with a spotlight on the court and players. Quick and lazy, but it worked, and it was a neat atmosphere to play in.

When I was testing RED MC’s iff editing I had that brilliant late night idea of trying to convert over MLB 2K12 PC city vistas into NBA 2K14 files. It worked and I have been trying to find a use for those vistas ever since. Now that we can change texture resolutions there isn’t much use for these vistas anymore. What was once useful can now be done by resizing the advertisement texture sizes, rather than dealing with low quality building textures.

But since I found out those files worked, I’ve felt the need to use them somehow, someway, just to say that I did it and it worked. I feel the need to say ‘I took MLB cities and put them NBA 2K14’. Sure I have had neat ideas fail with these MLB vistas, like “The City” (which I may return to before 2K15), but there is something about this I just want to hang my hat on. I know this can work, I know it can look cool…I just need to do it.


And there lays the problem, I feel like I need to do this. I only have a few precious weeks before my next graduate semester starts, nevermind a few precious months before cold weather. I preach to you guys to avoid patching if you feel forced to just to avoid this silly conflict I am dealing with right now. There are so many things I can do with RED MC that I haven’t even attempted like animation and menu editing. Figuring out the global lighting works and making a reasonable tutorial remains on my to do list. I still want to get my dirty hands on bigh0rt’s awesome NBA Jam: HOF mod and do my street crossover. Yet any free time I have gets dedicated to working with low resolution buildings and a mod that I, nor many other people, will enjoy, just because I feel like I need to.

Poor me and my screwed up priorities. Back to patching!


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August 25, 2014 10:32 pm

I can certainly relate, to the point where I’m tempted to write a Friday Five on “patching ideas I’d love to do, but just don’t have the time or energy”.