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Dumb Mondays: Dumb Mod Ideas from the Past

This is Dumb Mondays, starting the workweek off with silly facts or some of my opinions and predictions that you may or may not find interesting. This week I am sharing a dumb pet peeve of mine and will be looking for and responding to your comments throughout the week.

If you have watched any of my modding tutorial videos on YouTube, you may have noticed some txt files on my desktop that never seem to ever get deleted. In a desperate move to try and stay organized, I decided txt files would be the method of choice for me to keep track of things I needed to get done. I also keep a few for different mod ideas for the PC NBA games that we all play and enjoy for hours on end. So allow me to share with you the many many mods that never got made (and remember, everything I do is ‘open source’ so if you see an idea you like, by all means make it).

After trying to figure out how in the hell I would share all these txt files in a legible format, well, I didn’t, I gave up. So what I am going to do is embed a (2K14 and 2K13, everything before that has been lost unfortunately) PasteBin viewer at the bottom of this article if you want to see the entire raw dumps. Since no sane individual would want to look at those, or probably understand them, I will take out some points of interest.

--NBA Arenas--
Just do them all? Filled Only? Use Cheat Engine?

This is from the Blacktop Revitalization txt file…I have no idea how I would have used Cheat Engine (a program that accesses the exe’s process information while its running) to make this mod…

finish it
4 stadium iffs with different shadows
sm##, 00-31 (skip 07)
Import Backboards as Needed
Create new roster iffs (use default, no injuries)
Lakers r4h to Black Retro
-3 uniform sets
-normal with t-shirt accessories
-normal with sleeved
-Casual (mba/mbh ##)
shef = angled
texture 0 = shorts
texture 2 = tops

I have no idea what “shef” is….but this is what I type to myself when I get frustrated that a mod isn’t done yet.

Missed Things about Leftos
 Free Tools
 Rabbit Hole
+1 Beard cred

Unfortunately this is a Tuesday Triple that probably won’t see the light of day, sorry Leftos.

2K criticism video
- rooftop shadows for basket
- rucker no basket shadow
- street limitations
- jersey tops models
- player reflections cut off
- no blocked dunks
- acrobat exploit
- situation mode removed
- sliders removed
- CAT jersey logos
- texture resolution
- rookie-soph unis even though blacktop does it
- rookie-soph logos
- all star stage
- generic future all star games despite logos being recolored/branded
- uniform movement & lighting effects from 2k6, 2k7, 2k8
- why no MP grading for regular games

Yeah man! Fight the power that is 2K! They SUCK! Wow…the whininess I am sharing with you goes deep in these files.

Monday Madness - NCAA 2K13 | NCAA Association ~ Update Floor Reflections, Feel Mod Stadium?
Tuesday Online Matchup - NBA 2K13 Online | Just play online 
Pickup Wednesday - Blacktop 2K13 | NBA/Classic Players in Blacktop ~ Generic Pickup games?
Thursday Night Throwdown - NBA 2K13 | Highlight game from TNT ~ use TNT scoreboard?
Simulation Friday - NBA 2K13 Association | No gameplay, just GM ~ Use 2012 2013 Draft Classes?

Yes, because I never found doing Dumb Fact Monday and The Tuesday Triple overwhelming enough. This was my intended YouTube schedule for daily uploads. No wonder that never happened.

===The game idea==
first person
LT RT tap for dribble on that side
hold a trigger to shoot with that hand
move LS, look RS
on D, swipe with triggers for hands/steal?

Remember, this was MY idea, for making my own video game.

====Street Insanity====
**** it....

Unfortunately this sums up much of these txt files….poor me.

=Minecraft Mod=
Use YouTubers to replace NBA Players
Get a Minecraft head tho

I actually did this, too bad the bigger YouTubers didn’t care about it.

make fat arms not as fat

Oh, for a second there I thought I loaded up my workout txt file.

**** That ****
--Convert UBR--
GenericF players
logos unis floors & Stadiums?

Well, that had hope and dreams being crushed written all over it. Sometimes I just go for broke, most of the time I realize how long it takes to do basic things with this game and say F it.

Find that ****in reflection model - its somewhere in the global....

No worries past Jao, I did it! Thanks to Vlad, but I did it!

OMG (Overwrite my game)
-global with tshirts, weave
-cloth variations

Remember what I said about dumb mod names? That is why this isn’t happening, and because overwriting files is straight up evil.

**Stadium "crowdwalker_lighting"
----format?? tried many, checked hex image size as 40000 (hex) with L8 and other formats, corrupts entire stadium file.
""""L8, no mip-maps.""""
**crowd color -wait
lights? -wait
----when choosing resized texture, "data error." popup, no change, no other information.
88png import breaks portraits
**************Saving a Stadium corrupts the file, doesn't load in-game, reloading in RED MC can have errors**************

This is just a glimpse into the madness that is me testing out Vlad’s tools. It was much worse with Leftos, but unfortunately I lost those txt files when my old computer died. ***Means important, I guess.

-plan out first with the "lines" part, totally doable

Haaaaa, yea, no that wasn’t doable. That was trying to make a full city for a street mod.

bos 0-4 = 5-9
mit 0-3 = 1-4
flo 0-1 = 0

I have no idea what this means, send help.

For 2K14 - ratings x/3 +25
x = rating in roster
3y-75 = x
y = real rating
1e4 each player
starts at 5098 - dec 20632

Descension into madness right there.

just do NBA players for pickup idea, more recognizable
create NBA practice gear for unis?
do blacktop revitalization on it
make new gyms and street courts
APB legends
WNBA players too 
generics? why not
celebs....oh god doesnt end

This is starting to get painful to read again. So many ideas that never got finished.


Say what you want, at least the mod got finished, and it only took me 3 weeks from the first txt file to release. The rest is mostly technical information so here is the entire dump of these txt files. Warning, this contains coarse language.

I hope you enjoyed this Dumb Monday. Let me know if you find anything funny or interesting in that raw dump, and of course if you have questions about anything, feel free to ask.

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The ideas that we aren’t able to see to fruition, for one reason or another. The bane of a patcher’s existence. 🙁