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Dumb Mondays: Modding Wishlist Countdown

This is Dumb Mondays, starting the workweek off with silly facts or some of my opinions and predictions that you may or may not find interesting. This week I am sharing a countdown on modding and will be looking for and responding to your comments throughout the week.

Yes, the Tuesday Triple is still retired. Thankfully the Dumb Monday umbrella still allows me to rattle off an old fashioned countdown every once in a while, and I have a dumb one for you today. Thanks to the new versions of RED MC we can now do amazing things with NBA 2K on PC that have never been done before for that series. Unfortunately there are still a few things that I would like to accomplish either with RED MC, or through good old fashion hex editing or memory editing. So here are a few things I would love to see the community be able to edit in NBA 2K PC, in Tuesday Triple format, enjoy!.

NCAA 2K13 Mod for NBA 2K13 PC

Free Throw – Shot Clock Time

The bane of all PC college mods. No matter how many teams we create, how accurate the art files get, or how realistic we can get the game to replicate NCAA basketball, modded NBA games have not been able to shake the 24 second shot clock. It would be a complete game changer if we could change the 24 second shot clock to the NCAA’s 35 second clock. On top of the gameplay discoveries by bigh0rt, we could actually have gameplay that could replicate that brand of basketball.

This could probably be done with Cheat Engine or another memory editor. It would not be too difficult to find what value in the memory controls the value of the shot clock, trainers have been freezing that value for years now. The issue I foresee is getting the game AI to accept the longer shot clock, or at least setup a program that would not reset to 35 seconds everytime it reaches 24 seconds. Ideally we would just hex edit some value, but I really doubt we would find it.

NBA 2K12: 1960s Overlays

Jumper – Visual Filters

This one still hurts from NBA 2K12. We had these amazing filters and presentation elements in the game. We are a modding community known for doing pretty neat things with existing files and manipulating them to work in our favor. We still have not found where these filters reside or how to enable them on command. Remember, Ultimate Base Roster debuted for NBA 2K12. Imagine if we could use those in-game filters for the dozens of retro seasons, or in play now whenever we wanted.

If there was ever a true need for the cheat code system in NBA 2K to be brought back, this was it. We can play with an ABA ball but not with the retro presentation only used for a single game in the NBA’s Greatest mode? Huge missed opportunity, and we are stuck with hex edited overlays and ENB Series filters because of it.

NBA 2K10 Blacktop Mode Options

Three Pointer – Blacktop Options

Yep, I went there, again. NBA 2K11 and the versions before it all had pretty extensive Blacktop mode customization options. We could play 21, we could play 2-on-2 full court or 5-on-5 half court games if we wanted, play in the rain, choose different courts, play winners or losers out, play games to 7 or 50 points, and even let the CPU choose their own team based on a randomized pool of players.

Blacktop mode was freaking awesome! And then in 2K12 we had the crappy 1 court 5-on-5 only affair and the limited options in NBA 2K13 and 2K14 following it. I am making it my goal this summer to try and find these damn values. I really want to choose whether or not the games are full court or half court. I really wish I could play games to 11 again. I know I would probably not be able to let the CPU choose teams, and I like my workaround for choosing different courts, but I would do some unspeakable acts to get 21 as an online mode.

Blacktop Revitalization High Five NBA 2K14

And One – The Blacktop Toggle

Ah yes. This value would be my absolute dream come true with modding this game. More important than importing my own courts and models. More important than importing any resolution textures I wanted. More important than the options above. I want to find the toggle that makes the game say “this is a normal NBA 5on5 game” or “this is a Blacktop game to 21”.

Just think of it. Imagine what MyCAREER would be like with games to 21. Think of the Association mode stories I could make, or the YouTube series! This toggle might let us have players wearing different uniforms in these modes too, or even use the fancy Blacktop mode lighting shaders!

So while I pack the car to drive out to Novato and get answers to my modding questions, let me know in the comments below anything you would like to see the community make that isn’t currently possible. Hope you enjoyed!

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