Dumb Mondays: My Modding Now Versus 2007

This is Dumb Mondays, starting the workweek off with silly facts or some of my opinions and predictions that you may or may not find interesting. This week I am sharing a dumb something of mine and will be looking for and responding to your comments throughout the week.

One more week. Not even one more week, days and hours can measure the time between me typing this and the first substantial information drop on NBA 2K15 (and maybe even NBA Live 15 if they keep dueling). Believe me when I say that NBA Live 15’s ball looks amazing, but the endless speculation during this time of year is just that, endless. So this week I finally got to play in my sandbox that is NBA 2K14 and brought along my still shiny new toy RED MC. I put my head down and created. It was fun, but I realized halfway through my project that I was doing something very similar to what I did with NBA Live 07, but this time it look a lot less time.

I can make a lot of comparisons to my current street mods (currently under the Blacktop Revitalization umbrella) and what I did 7 years ago with NBA Live 07. I am still repurposing courts I created years prior for the current game. I am still spending a majority of time creating templates to work from (and share with the community). And I am still chasing this silly streetball game vision in my head that focuses on pickup games rather than professional basketball.

nba2k14 2014-08-01 22-30-55-89

The biggest difference between now and 7 years ago, for me at least, is how much more I can do in less time. Over the course of this week I created 90 uniform files with 180 textures. It took me probably 8 hours total from first thinking about it to grinding the linework and colors into something usable in NBA 2K14. I was able to optimize my ‘workflow’, for lack of a better word, and get all of those textures imported into iff files with RED MC in maybe 20-30 minutes, with distractions.


For NBA Street 07 I had this idea to create 101 jerseys for the mod, taking full advantage of getting Live 07 to think number files were full uniforms. I spent hours in GIMP and more than a reasonable amount of PMs and AIM messages begging c0nr4d for mesh textures. I was eventually able to get something useful out of the project shown above but it never reached its full potential. I can blame the lack of time, but in reality I must have spent at least 3 times as much time on that project than I did this week.

Even though we had dbf files for editing and could create our own fsh files from scratch, I like to think that the JaoSming from 7 years ago would be a bit impressed with what I am attempting today. More importantly, I am currently impressed and excited to keep working on these mods. They have been as fun to make as they have been to play (for me at least).

So TL;DR, patch what is fun to make for yourself, know that experience and experimentation are the best ways to improve, and please release some information 2K and EA for me to type about next week!

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