First NBA 2K13 Developer Insight this Friday, August 10?

The hype machine is on. Again.

Aw, yeah! RT @Ronnie2K: HUGE next 3 weeks ahead. About to blow all #NBA2K13 fans minds like never before.#turnonhypemachine #yeahIsaidit

Main difference is that this time, we’re approaching last year’s date for the first developer insight. NBA 2K12’s first developer insight was August 12, the second Friday of August. And this year, second Friday of August is August 10, which is just 3 days away.

So, this is my guess on what the Tweet means! What about you? Are you excited? Do you believe that we’re actually going to have our minds blown, or is this Ronnie (and 2K) going over the top with the hype, once again? Join the discussion in the comments section below and in the Forum.

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