Best places to download APK for Android devices

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Best places to download APK for Android devices

Postby ClintonJMolina11 on Fri Nov 16, 2018 12:42 pm

This is a list of stores to download APK files that you can have a look at and find for yourself ideal sources that meet your needs and are suitable for your devices.



This app store has about 12,000 apps, and many of them are premium software. To use the AndroidPIT, we have to install the app on Android, then browse and install. Some apps can be downloaded directly from the AndroidPIT server; while others will lead you to the Google Play Store and some to the default app store on your device. Overall, AndroidPIT provides a fast and stable download speed, a simple, easy-to-use interface, and a new weekly notification app that lets you know the best and most popular apps. The App Center also has a tab to help you read news related to Android.

If you are interested in Android games, have a look at APK market with apps and games Download APK at


Aptoide is also a relatively large app store, with both copyright apps and pirated apps, including unapproved software on the Google Play Store. Here you can find many popular apps for Android. The ability to manage applications installed on Aptoide is pretty good and simple. When a series of updates are available, just click the download button and you do not have to go through a lot of approvals like in other app stores.
The business model of Aptoide is quite strange; it is outside the Android store that they make, you can "add" the other application store that is built on the Aptoide platform. Networkers or application developers can take advantage of this approach. Everything is done through the Aptoide app installed on our device. I have not found any other store running on the Aptoide Android store available. has provided us with an application for installation on the web server side. This service requires you to register for free before using it. Downloading the SlideME Marketplace can first be done through a browser, and once it's present on your device, installing apps is simple. With a clear and sophisticated interface, the SlideMe Marketplace lets you forget about the absence of the Google Play Store on your Android device. Here you can find most of the familiar apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, the Cut The Rope game, IM +, Nook and many, many other things. Some apps on this store do require a payment - although, in general most are free.

NVIDIA Tegra Zone

Listen to the name of it; you’ve probably guessed what part of this store’s utility is already. It is made by NVIDIA and is for devices that use NVIDIA Tegra 2 and Tegra 3 chips (coming soon with support for Tegra 4). The Tegra Zone appears to have great significance for users. You have a strong device in hand but still have to fiddle looking for software and games compatible in Google Play, with Tegra Zone, this is a lot of work. NVIDIA is also working closely with developers to help them optimize software compatible with their Tegra-based hardware system. There are some apps that the Tegra Zone app actually takes from Google Play, so when you try to install them, Play opens up automatically.

This is the best alternative to the Google Play Store. APK for fun is based on the old platform, where millions of products (apps and games) are available for free download.

It is also free, secure, reliable and fast. Everything is similar to the Google Play Store (for example, updates and reviews). Many APK files are available on this site, and you should try it out.



This is also one of the most popular app stores for Android, but the primary object is that it targets apps that are not on Google Play. There are plenty of Archos / Arnova tablets on the AppsLib support list and many of the companies that you just heard of started here. If you have an Archos / Arnova device, you'll use your Archos account to sign in and download the app, or you'll have to create a new PayPal account and link it.
And you can find more Android apps like this by clicking Apk android


This Android app stores more than 300,000 apps available for download. Logging into this repository is relatively easy, so you can always use your existing Google account. The speed of updating the app on 1Mobile is quite fast, with some new apps appearing on here the day after they are released on Google Play. 1Mobile allows us to download applications in two ways: download directly from their website, or use the 1Mobile Market app installed on the machine.
When looking into 1Mobile on Android, we notice it has the same interface as Google Play, although some areas of content will change from time to time. For example, you can find a series of thematic apps during this time. It even has Editors' Picks, which are the apps that the 1Mobile staff suggested for us. Software download speeds of 1Mobile relatively fast and stable.

AppBrain has a different approach to the common market apps, it is more community based. In addition to downloading apps for Android, users can also recommend their favorite apps to their friends, follow popular apps, connect with new friends, and share experiences with them. People love an app.
The Recommended Apps feature available in AppBrain will advise you which application to install. The recommendations are based on the current state of the system you are using and should be quite accurate.

Amazon Appstore


Amazon's app store is a perfect replacement for Google Play. By default, the Amazon Appstore is only available for the Kindle Fire tablet, but there are ways to install it for other Android-powered devices.

Amazon Appstore offers many apps for Android, both free and paid. In particular, every day you will have the opportunity to use a commercial application on the Amazon Appstore for free, and be allowed to try other paid apps in the following 24 hours.

One of the most significant limitations of the Amazon Appstore is that it only serves US customers, and you need an international payment card to download applications (regardless of whether the app is free).

Finally, you can click here to discover more and more Android apps Read more
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That's correct. The servers for NBA Live 18 are still up so Ultimate Team is still playable and other online content (if any) can come through, but support for the companion app has ended.
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