How does LIVE 19 compare to LIVE 18?

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How does LIVE 19 compare to LIVE 18?

Postby iceinmyveins on Sat Jan 26, 2019 4:17 pm

So, I've been playing 2K18 since I stopped playing LIVE 18. Now I'm nearly at playoff time. Been thinking of getting LIVE 19 for my next "year" with my Spurs/Lakers fantasy teams.

Overall, I enjoyed LIVE 18. Mostly the interface was my pet peeve. If EA made another solid NBA LIVE game, I want to support it and check it out. I miss the hard screens and crazy dunks from LIVE 18 because that isn't how 2K is. How's the gameplay compared to LIVE 18?

How is the interface/menus? Is there significant functionality improvement? The interface was quite frustrating, especially compared to the functionality of The One mode, which seemed far smoother.

Is roster editing in the game? Was it a feature at launch or did EA release it later (like with LIVE 18)? Is it easier to use custom rosters, edit players or still pretty restrictive?

Any improvements to DYNASTY mode? Or is EA still focusing on LUT or "The One" mode? Any improvements at all, even marginal ones?

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Re: How does LIVE 19 compare to LIVE 18?

Postby [Q] on Sat Jan 26, 2019 5:10 pm

I didn't have as much fun with 19 as 18. LUT isn't as good but they definitely expanded on the One stuff. More modes to play. Plus you can play as females. They updated the rules so short shot clock off an offensive rebound which threw me off when I was trying to kill the clock.
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Re: How does LIVE 19 compare to LIVE 18?

Postby Andrew on Sat Jan 26, 2019 7:48 pm

I feel like NBA Live 19 continued to make strides with its gameplay, but NBA Live 18 was more enjoyable, mostly because of LUT. I think the focus on The One is hurting NBA Live, and preventing it from being a viable alternative to NBA 2K for people who are more interested in the NBA side of things.
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