Dear Developers & NLSC FAMILY… Refining DEFENSE in NBA LIVE 20 (UPDATED)

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Dear Developers & NLSC FAMILY… Refining DEFENSE in NBA LIVE 20 (UPDATED)

Postby Geemonster84 on Wed Feb 27, 2019 2:59 am

:bowdown: :bowdown: Dear Developers & NLSC FAMILY :bowdown2: :bowdown2:Refining DEFENSE in NBA LIVE 20 and future instalments.

Now that we have looked at how sound can improve the suspense and create a story narrative in NBA LIVE franchise lets address the pink elephant in the room defense.

NOTE: At the moment defense in NBA LIVE 19 has gotten better due to the numerous patches in game and we are currently at patch 1.21. What l did see was better improvement on pick and roll defence, which is pleasant to see especially after NBA LIVE 18 broken pick and roll defence.

Now lets see how defence works in terms of defensive positioning and lack of positional defensive in LIVE. :applaud:

The rules in basketball would be to take you’re defensive assignment to his or her weak hand, set a trap, go for the steal. LIVE does do a great job for the some parts on one-on-one defense, but it does have some weakness in terms of giving users the option to force steals on players in certain animation positions, this can be fixed by giving the player the option to use different TYPES of STEALS just like FIFA's 19 two different tackle buttons.

NOTE: EA I know you’ve cleaned up for the most part the unsuspected steals, however the fundamental animation is wrong sometimes due to the hand the defensive player is intercepting the ball at times. I have to give promise when its due congrats on the clean up of certain animations, but there is still some strange things that happen on the defensive side that needs to be address about passes being picked off when the defensive player isn’t looking at the ball or a hidden force controlling your player when you want to try something out.

NOTE: :idea: :idea: FOR ANY OF THESE IDEALS TO WORK! EA Dev Team MUST, MUST fix the ball physic. The Ball just jumps into the defenders hand instead of acting like their is weight and gravity to it during deflections. NBA LIVE needs to get to the point where the ball acts independently like in FIFA 19 where it can be kicked or bounce off of a knee or hip of a player. The Dev Team has to make the user more accountable for misuse of the TURBO button and shifting from side to side, especially in side by side guarding animations. FIFA allow users to push off a bit and this addition would be welcomed as well as both of them losing the ball out of bounds or it finding it way to another player on the court via ball roll. :idea: :idea:

Playing one-on-one defense, as we know it in NBA LIVE 19...

SCENARIO 1: Player approaching the defender.


In this scenario you can steal the ball if the player decides to drive to the basket.

Note: This is where NBA LIVE 19 shines and really shows it greatness.

SCENARIO 2: The player holding the ball waiting for a play to develop while the defender is guarding.


Note: If the defender does try and steal usually gets a foul, which makes sense, or the player stumbles around trying to get control of the ball after stealing attempt by defender. However we need better options to counter act the player staying still and not doing anything besides getting a foul. You should be able steal in this situation with more success.

SCENARIO 3: Player with the ball driving to the basket with the defender on him.


Note: In this situation the defender just follows the ball handler running besides the player with the ball. There is nothing wrong with this animation, but the lack of stealing in this animation sequence is really frustrating so their needs to be change with this animation sequence next instalment of the franchise. We need options people! :applaud:

SCENARIO 4: Ball handler and defender close to each other.


NOTE: In this scenario you can steal the ball but there is not indication as to when you can steal the ball safely. This is the most frustrating part of the NBA LIVE defense. This animation sequence has no logically baring to it besides it looks pretty and it seems to be a place holder that doesn’t really have a REAL defensive mechanic to help the defender get a timely steal.

Let's ask someone that knows defense really well! :cheeky:


How to improve and enhance NBA LIVE’s defense mechanics and creating help defense options and steals.

NOTE: First lets look at steal types and new animations that should be added to the scenarios mentioned above.

SCENARIO 1: Player approaching the defender.


phpBB [video]

Kawhi Leonard Poke Steal Technique | How to Defence

Control scheme: Using X button instead of SQUARE to poke the ball from offensive player.

SCENARIO 2: The player holding the ball waiting for a play to develop while the defender is guarding.


phpBB [video]

Jeff Teague Viper Steal Technique: Basketball Moves

Control scheme: TURBO + SQUARE button, Offensive player lunges at defensive player if he misses he stumbles forward, bats ball out of bounds or could even fall to the ground.

SCENARIO 3: Player with the ball driving to the basket with the defender on him. Help-Defense!


phpBB [video]

Damian Lillard Dig Steal Technique: Basketball Moves

Control scheme: Once offensive player is steered into the desired direction or beaten, press and flick L3 and other player attempts the steal.

phpBB [video]

NBA Live 19: Force Direction On Defense To Dictate The Offense | TIPS

Note: This is where the NBA LIVE franchise lacking in help side defence. However I was thinking maybe if the user is able to get the ball handler to drive to a certain direction there could be a control that sets a trap so that another player can leak out and swipe the ball from the ball handler heading to the basket.

Note: EA could have a button which is a COUNTER! to the pick-and-roll offensive move as well as the driver to the basket by allow the use to control two players just like the pick and roll function.

1. So once the ball handler heads in the direction the first wave of defence - left or right to the basket :lol:
2. Defence player presses in the L3 button and flicks right or left, but it must be timed :!:
3. If the ball handler is time correctly a steal will occur :applaud:
4. If the timing is off the second wave of defence could pick up a blocking foul or also beaten to the basket as well for AND 1 and lastly a pass to a open man for a easy shot. :cussing:

SCENARIO 4: Ball handler and defender close to each other.


phpBB [video]

Note: Start the watch the video 1:15 minute.

Note: I also wrote about defending this animation position in my last year blog First Step. Think of a rubrics cube control where you can control your upper and lower body when both defence and offense players are engaged in the triple threat position.

reference: - Dear Developers & NLSC FAMILY... Refining the Triple Threat/FirstStep Control™ - viewtopic.php?f=230&t=104572


phpBB [video]

The Swipe Steal - Become a Lockdown Defender


phpBB [video]

The Evade Steal - Become a Lockdown Defender

Note: Similar to pulling the chair, but from the perimeter position instead of the post, works best on drives and offensive players driving to one side.

How STANCE plays apart in STEAL TYPES

phpBB [video]

Become a Lockdown Defender - Upward stance

Note: In this case of footwork and stance the poke steal can only be used standing up right, meaning NOT :scold: using NBA LIVE 19's Defensive Assist/Deny Ball - Holding L2

phpBB [video]

Become a Lockdown Defender - Forward Stance

Note: In this forward stance mentioned in the video is the Defensive Assist/Deny Ball - Holding L2

Lastly, The Trap Defense Button.. Taking from the NCAA times!

Incorporating a trap button that allows the defensive user to rid his/her trap or make the second player play the passing lane on the fly, resulting in the PG having to bring the ball up slowly and pace himself or he will get picked off or result in a ball deflection.

phpBB [video]

Celtics zone pressure → personal half-court defense (16-1 Celtics run)

Thanks again for reading,
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