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DEAR DEVELOPERS & :bowdown: :bowdown: NLSC FAMILY :bowdown2: :bowdown2: … FREESTYLE POST MOVE CONTROL

Hi Everyone,

Hope all is well this should be one of my last instalment of the Dear Developers Series. Today I will be covering one of the most slept on aspects in NBA videos games as a whole, the POST GAME :!: . Currently in the NBA the post dominant players are becoming a thing of the past do to the fast past 3-point focus game in the NBA today.


Note: It's time for the Big Men of the NBA to shine again like they did in the 90s the golden era of basketball.

Note: Please excuse my spelling errors I am really just writing off the top of my head 100% of the time.

Note: I made a post in the NBA LIVE 18 forum called the Triple Threat/First Step link to the post below. This concept will help you understand where l am coming from.

Link To Blog - Triple Threat/First Step: viewtopic.php?f=230&t=104572

Note: Now that you have read or skim through that blog you get the idea where I am coming from in terms of foot planting and manual user input being able to pivot the players body/through an opponent guard with power.

DISCLAIMER: For any of these concepts to work the EA Dev team would need to have single animations that branch together and be interrupted in a moments notice for a change in direction. :shock:


Things Need to Improve to these concepts to work...

1. Improvement in animation quality for scoring around the basket such as players' shooting around defenders' hands like drifting shots.
2. Being able to block Euro-steps (CANNED ANIMATIONS) or even stop them complete - BIG ISSUES
3. Branching animation aka. such as being able to stop the "Up & Under" at any point to change directions. - Freestyle Control
4. More pump faking animations - If guarded under the basket closely
5. Scoring over multiple defenders in traffic animations
6. "Push off" and "Bump" animations that can be controlled
7. Better foul logic for the branching animations
8. Shooting adjusting animations for guarded players
9. More collision physic near the basket and after the shoot

I will show examples below...

Remember what I said about chewing the fat off of the control schemes, well am adding more to the control scheme this time, so forgive me. I just want NBA LIVE Dev-Team to WIN. :D :)

Left Trigger/Bumper = Active Post
Note: Sometimes this activation looks really clumsy because the player animation is only set to post a certain way this needs to be fixed. Sometimes the post player damn right does a 360 spin move to get in the right animation at times. :cussing: :scold:
Turbo = Aggressive back down
Sticks = Basic faints, Spin = If your in the BACKDOWN position there is not smooth transitional animation to "Step Back Shoot" - it should be off one foot fade away Dirk like show, low percentage due to difficultly.
Shot = Shot button

Note: NBA LIVE 19 - Old system is pretty complex and really doesn’t have to be, this is the only part of gameplay that can be married solely to the sticks and have a shot stick format by pressing and releasing the Right-Stick (R3) button makes more sense.

A different looking SHOT - METER for post would be great. :idea: - MAYBE A BIT SHORTER ONE DO TO THE SHOT taking place CLOSER to the basket! :idea:

The reason for pressing and releasing the Right-Stick for shooting…
1. Helps free up the users hand
2. It takes too long for the user to shoot pressing while trying to do post moves
3. Allows more complex moves, establishing positions (will example this later)
4. We can "spin out move" without tapping the shoot button gather.
5. The new control uses both upper body and lower body manipulation to great positional advances.



Just like the freestyle control we can take that same concept and apply to the post move system, with flashy moves and regular moves depending on arch-types, weight, height and stamina reminding. I will explain how STAMINA in the post game play is more important than you think.

Like I have said before taking something OLD and making NEW again.
phpBB [video]

Note: NBA LIVE 08 was on the right track with its post move options it just needed an update.


PRESS & HOLD L2 = ENTER BACKDOWN & MOVE (LEFT STICK) to start dribbling - Nothing new there!
DOUBLE TAP Left Trigger = FACE-UP, RIGHT-STICK = TORSO/ARMS :idea: & LEFT STICK = LEGS :idea: :applaud: - TO PIVOT YOU MUST HOLD DOWN L3 (Then use the L3 to jab-step etc. ) - Follow my First Step/Triple Threat blog
LEFT STICK = FOOTWORK * Establishing pivot foot - before dribbling :applaud:
RIGHT STICK = RIP through moves, Tap Right-Stick for Shot fakes :idea:

phpBB [video]

Visual breakdown of my controls scheme...
1. User double taps Left trigger to face-up :applaud:
2. User press "IN" and "HOLD" Left-Stick, now First Step (pivot) is activated, taps the LEFT - Stick towards defender to jap step :applaud:
3. User uses Right-Stick(rotates right-stick half circle to the right) to RIP AWAY to create space :applaud:
4. User presses and releases Right-Stick for a timely shot :applaud:

Note: If the defender presses the steal button during the RIP AWAY a foul can be called or a steal occurs, if the user is quick enough and presses shoot button can cause a shooting foul or 3 point play. BRANCHING ANIMATIONS PEOPLE TALK TO ME DEV TEAM! :applaud:

phpBB [video]

Advance Move ( in all my blogs l stated that my moves mimic natural movement so the user could sorta understand how the move is done in his/her head.)
Visual breakdown of my controls scheme...
1. Holding down the Left-Trigger/Bumper & moving the Left-stick(dribble post activated)
2. Press in and Hold Left-Stick(L3)(activates pivot)
3. Rotate both the Left-Stick and Right stick half circle LEFT than immediately half circle RIGHT) = This mimics the Up & Under ( think of the sticks as a birds eye view of your player)
4. Lastly press in the Right-Stick for a shot. :shock:

Note: You can just do the step through by rotating the left stick and right stick left only does a "POWER DRIBBLE MOVE" instead. - BRANCHING ANIMATION SYSTEM PPL! :mrgreen:

phpBB [video]

Visual breakdown of my controls scheme...
1. Holding down the Left-Trigger/moving the Left-stick (dribble post activated)
2. Before shooting Tap TURBO to "BUMP" - create space, Tap the shoot button "Regular"(pump fake), Once the defender reacts, tap turbo to BUMP
3. Press "Regular" shoot button and left stick for fad-away.

Remember we talked about combos/multipliers :idea: heres where it comes in handy (think fight game combo) Every NBA player has there own go to moves list :bowdown: :bowdown: (what makes this even more effective is that the Live Team can come up with NEW moves that chain together and update the game with them during the NBA LIVE 20 season) :bowdown2: :bowdown2:


Okay here how goes once the interior past is received to the Center or Power-Forward the battle begins. - (Interior lob pass mechanic more about this below)

phpBB [video]

1. While in BACK DOWN is held, press and hold Left-Stick button and move the left - Establishing Dribble
2. Pump the turbo button to create space and press turbo, Rotate - Left Stick - Half circle left " Shaq spinned to his left in this case- "SPIN MOVE"
3. Right-Stick shoot button to dunk on defender.

phpBB [video]

Note: Leaning and Bumping technique, notice Noah reaction after the spin how is that NOT an Ankle Breaker( hint: Post Ankle Breakers)

phpBB [video]

Notice Joel establishing his pivot-foot... :crazyeyes:s

Note: I forgot the PIVOT RULE: :argue: if you can use either foot to pivot an indicator will be shown... Simple and plain...


phpBB [video]

Note: Putting it all together.

phpBB [video]

Kobe's post moves - Score Archetype

phpBB [video]

LaMarcus Aldridge - Post Moves Highlights - Sharpshooter Archetype

phpBB [video]

Joel Embiid - Post Moves Highlights - Hybrid Archetype

phpBB [video]

Andre Drummond Post Moves - Bruser Archetype

Note: We can even get deeper down the rabbit hole on player preference in terms of passing to someone like Andre Drummond who's more physical than a Durant would like to a bounce pass in on the elbow basket instead of deep in the post.

THE RIGHT-STICK - RIP MOVE IS A 1-TO-1 360 degree movement, if the user is moving left to right in a counter or clock wise direction the player' arms and torse/body would also move in that direction including standing position to couching over position....

The LEFT-STICK once the user pressed down and hold the LEFT STICK (L3) you can pivot in a 360 direct.

phpBB [video]

Note: Branching animations, watch Hakeem moving slow to show Dwight thats what l mean!

phpBB [video]

Hakeem Olajuwon Demonstrating Low Post Moves - Amazing Footwork!


phpBB [video]

Remember there is always a counter to the offensive players move, but the controls are much simpler than the offensive input. However defending the post moves are much more fatiguing due to the pressure and banging of the bodies down in the paint. :cool:

It's all about positioning... Using Left Stick for feet and Right Stick for Arms :applaud: :applaud:

From the behind position:
1. Forearm Control - Creating Space (Tapping Turbo) - Just like the RIP AWAY move the defense can move his/her arms has well.
2. Power - (Holding down Turbo while, however be careful hold down turbo because it pushes you forward, a spin move can create a timely down or lay-up to the basket.) - If the defender is stronger than the offensive will stumble and get pushed on shots which means their time will be off. :idea:
3. Footwork! - Moving the Left-Stick to cut off angles, for example above I talked about Demarcus Cousin's "Up & Under" if you know he is moving in a certain position you can cut Demarcus's "Up & Under Move" in the Under position leaving him to shoot or kick out to a player unbalanced. :doh:

phpBB [video]

Note: Mason Plumlee attempt to get in front of the Spin, Up & Under, but gets slam down on - NBA DEV TEAM we need these animations in game.


Note: Remember what I said taking from something old and making it new again.

HOW FATIGUE PLAYS A ROLL in Post Move and how it should look in NBA LIVE 20

Due to the bodies colliding in the post the player's stamina will be effective and also a results of chaining moves together.
phpBB [video]

Lebron James is showing signs of fatigue.

1. Wiping foreheads
2. Bending over during plays and none plays
3. Walking tiredly up the court during plays
4. Messing up basic dribble moves and passes
5. Tired run during off ball movement
6. Commentary Team talking about said player tired on the court

How Fatigue has strategy involved in it terms of using post moves and big men.

* Because you dump it off to the post it allows the other players to rest briefly so it benefits players to use finally commit to some post play in there arsenal. :crazyeyes: NBA LIVE DEV :chug: :idea: If your reading this you have to show a way to show fatigue management and player usage on plays on screen. :idea:

:applaud: THE NEW POST LOB FEED - PASS in NBA LIVE 20 :applaud:

Remember I said taking from other games and I mentioned in my last blog about the new Give-And-Go mechanic. Well how about LOB PASS that can be manually directed from left and right and how high. I know it sounds whacky of a concept, FIFA 19 has the following


phpBB [video]

FIFA 19 Direct Corner Kick Goals Mechanic - Why not make the Lob pass more dynamic for inbound and post entry passes

phpBB [video]



FIFA's Shot Pass meter why not come up with your own :!:

Note: I understand that you have a lot of time to position your corner kicks in FIFA, am not saying give the user in NBA LIVE 20 unlimited time to Post Lob Feed, think of it like throw an grenade in any third person shoot you've played, its about the feel as you HOLD DOWN the LOB PASS & RELEASE the BUTTON. Also notice all the PG throwing the pass they are not around dribbling while trying to make a good post feed. In order for this mechanic to work EA no markers can be shown at higher levels of game play so a practice session is needed for all these NEW additions a social media tutorial centre is needed like the days. :cool:


phpBB [video]

Note: This animation is SORELY missing in NBA LIVE games please add them. Branching okay l won't say it... :roll:

Sorry guys l forgot this in my last post Dear Developers & & NLSC FAMILY.. REFINING OFFENSIVE CONTROLS & Offline Concepts

phpBB [video]

Note: NBA LIVE 20's shield protection move, can cause fouls if not used correctly

phpBB [video]

FIFA 18 Protect/Shield The Ball Tutorial

phpBB [video]

Note: Chris Paul- Off Hand Use

Note: FIFA 19 has this mechanic in called shielding the ball. This would be welcomed addition in NBA LIVE 20 because it can be used to deal with defenders like Patrick Beverley who can be a pesky to blow by. Pumping the turbo button while trying to blow by the defender, however the defender can do the same but has to be causes of drawing fouls. Animations like pushing the ball handler into other players, or against the basket stanchion :twisted: etc.

Once again these are just concepts that l came up by myself, I really hope there is a great improvement in the game in NBA LIVE 20 and that has some ground breaking stuff in the gameplay that keeps people playing throughout the season on the NBA side. From Youtube I am seeing a lot of people playing NBA LIVE 15 so there must have been something great about that game. I know the physic system cut down canned animations might be something that needs to be reintroduced back into NBA LIVE.

Note: With these additions it slows the pace of the game for User vs User gameplay because having a well put together post game mechanic draws more fouls and gets other players involve. There should be on court peaks for team play just as a boost in plus minus please show this on screen with an icon this s still a video game. (Y)

To the development team please, please stop taking out things in the game, you've have been doing this for years. It has only lead to cancelation or lackluster games in the past. I am unaware of the issues that are going on at EA in terms of NBA LIVE franchise, budget constraints or management in general, its none of my business either I just want a MORE than solid game this up coming year. A lot of my concepts have taken old concepts and revived them with new branching animations that would make it more smoother instead of having single movement on the sticks that look robotic in nature or doesn't look right in nature to real basket ball in terms of location to the basket. Also knowing there will always be bugs its part of any business when launching a new produce it's how fast those bugs get ironed out. Once again thank you for bring back the franchise close to my heart it's not easy being a developer in this current climate I take my hat off to the guys and ladies putting in the long hours, salute!. :applaud: :cry:

Rest Easy Friends till next time! :chug: ,
Gemayel P.
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