Improvements to Controls

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Improvements to Controls

Postby Andrew on Tue Jun 25, 2019 8:09 pm

For the most part, the controls in NBA Live are fairly solid and intuitive. There are a couple of changes I'd suggest, though.

Dribbling Controls

Currently, you have to hold sprint and move the right stick to perform a simple right to left or left to right crossover, while the same movement without sprint dribbles between your legs. That seems backwards to me, as the simpler move should involve the simpler stick movement and button combinations. I'd suggest flipping them.

Likewise, I'd suggest taking a page out of NBA 2K's book and making behind the back dribbles down on the right stick (or away from the basket, if you're using Camera Relative controls). It's much quicker to perform, and there's less chance of accidentally performing a spin with the stick rotation when all you want to do is dribble behind the back, either stationery or on the move. Again, the simpler moves should require simple movements of the right stick.

While I can appreciate having complete control over dribbling moves, I also believe there needs to be some kind of size-up control, similar to NBA Live 10 or 2K's current approach. That way, you can have a lot more signature moves in the game, and a less complicated way of performing them. Just don't make them overpowered and cheesy!

Defensive Crouch rather than Defensive Assist

I'm repeating this one from the topic about defensive improvements, because I believe it's a change that needs to happen. Defensive Assist isn't as helpful as its name implies, as it restricts lateral movement and often pulls your player away from who they're supposed to guarding, or otherwise puts them out of position. I'd much rather it be a defensive crouch/stance button that allows me to closely guard a player without being tethered to them. As with 2K, holding the defensive stance control along with sprint should allow you to perform a quicker shuffle in order to try to stay in front of your man.
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