Mod Request - 82-83 San Diego Clippers Jerseys/court

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Mod Request - 82-83 San Diego Clippers Jerseys/court

Postby Dee4Three on Thu Mar 12, 2020 7:06 am

Hi all,

Can anybody take a stab at these? These powder blue jerseys which the San Diego Clippers wore in 82-83 are not in the game


Neither are the home ones. While the text on the front is the same as the 1984 ones that are already in the game, the pattern on the sleeves/waste is different.


The court itself is unique, yet plain. It has the powder blue paint, but nothing in the center or on the sidelines/baselines. Not sure if anybody had the time to take a stab at that.


Terry Cummings himself also had hair that season, which we dont have in the game.


Intriguing team that battled injuries, including a loaded front court. Terry Cummings, Tom Chambers and Bill Walton were on this team (Walton only played 33 games), and they acquired Lionel Hollins as well. Randy Smith was in his final year, and former ABA all-star and 79-80 rebound champ Swen Nater was hurt all season and only played 7 games. The team had a ton of skill, and were coached by Paul Silas.

Thinking about starting a MyLeague using this team and uploading gameplay videos to my channel. If anybody can help it would be great!


Also, if you want to see this team in action (One of the rare times they had the full team together), here they are against the Lakers on 11-26-1982. Home jerseys look a little different in this one for some reason, but you can see the talented front court of Walton/Cummings/Chambers, with Randy Smith who it may have been his last season, but he clearly had some game left.

Some great play by Magic Johnson in this one.

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Re: Mod Request - 82-83 San Diego Clippers Jerseys/court

Postby Thunder Shaq on Mon Apr 19, 2021 2:17 pm

Very late to the party for this. (You very likely either had this made or moved on).

Somebody made the SD Clippers jerseys for 2k21 which I believe works for 2k19, 2k20, and 2k21. viewtopic.php?f=267&t=110966

I took a stab at the court. Although it is missing the pale square (so if you wanted the court and wanted to added the pale part at center court, I can send you the photoshop file). I'm still kind of a novice at courts.

There is also a Terry Cummings portrait in 2k17 (ID 8150)

If it is helpful at all, I can send it. If you no longer need it, no worries, it didn't take long to make the court!



Ignore the roster, it is a an unfinished 83 roster (a hybrid of 83 and 85 as I edit)
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