Fox Sports NBA Basketball 2000 Kings vs Raptors Reel

Fox Sports NBA Basketball 2000 Kings vs Raptors Reel

As we discussed in Episode #436 of the NLSC Podcast, Dee4Three and I recently revisited Fox Sports NBA Basketball 2000 with a co-op session via Parsec. It was a blast as always to connect and play an old game together, but we were quickly reminded that it was one of the weakest releases for the 2000 season!

We took control of the Sacramento Kings with Chris Webber, Jason Williams, and Vlade Divac, squaring off against the Toronto Raptors with Vince Carter, Charles Oakley, and Anthony Davis. Despite the game’s obvious roughness, the session produced some fun highlights. Granted, the animations are noticeably clunkier than NBA Live 2000 or the original NBA 2K, but it was still satisfying when we found each other with a crafty drop-off pass or alley-oop. Much like the 2002 Western Conference Finals however, the game ended in controversy. Dee put together a highlight reel of the matchup, which we present for your enjoyment!

You can find more highlight reels from our gaming sessions, as well as our Parsec tournaments, over on our YouTube channel! For more insight into Fox Sports NBA Basketball 2000, be sure to listen to the latest episode of the NLSC Podcast, and check out my Wayback Wednesday retrospective.

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