Freestyle Superstars Replay Pop-Up Remover for NBA Live 06

Freestyle Superstars Replay Pop-Up Remover for NBA Live 06

Some of the most useful mods over the years have also been the smallest. Whether it’s substituting a compatible file from another game to access dummied-out features, or making a simple change to a single file, these releases have improved our basketball gaming experience. In that spirit, I present a Freestyle Superstars replay pop-up remover for NBA Live 06!

As you may recall, after scoring a bucket following a Freestyle Superstars move, a pop-up will indicate that you can trigger a replay by pressing Rebound/Block. While this is a handy reminder, it isn’t necessarily aesthetically pleasing. Some time back, Dee4Three expressed an interest in removing that pop-up, which led me to give it a try. My initial attempt wasn’t entirely successful; while I easily removed the overlay art by importing blank textures, the “Freestyle Replay” text was still displayed in the upper right corner.

After messing around with the language file, I found that I could blank out that text in addition to the textures. That seemed like an inelegant solution however, so I experimented with removing the entire contents of the overlay file itself. The empty file did the trick, without the need to modify any other game files; proof that it’s worth persevering for the best possible solution! Note that you can still trigger the Freestyle Superstar replays without the pop-up.

Download the mod here! You can also find the release and support topic for all of my NBA Live 06 mods here. Once again, little mods like this can make dusting off an old favourite even more enjoyable, so I’m happy to provide it for my fellow retro basketball gamers. Stay tuned for more March Modness releases, and don’t forget that we’re running a giveaway for modders who contribute to our Downloads database throughout the month!

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