How to use NBA Stats Tracker with NBA 2K12

After quite some time, I decided to finally put up a video tutorial on how to use NBA Stats Tracker along with REditor and NBA 2K12 in order to not only fix your Team Stats, but also use all of NST’s analysis features on your career and keep track of how your team’s doing, scout your opponents, and get all the statistics and analytics that NBA 2K12 doesn’t give you.

During this video, you’ll see the exact steps you need to follow to setup your NST database, and what to do for each game of your career. You’ll also see all the features of NST at work, such as Metric Stats for the Box Score, Best Performers, as well as all the information of your team’s players you’ll be able to keep track of.

Remember to visit the tool’s thread if you have any questions, and to find out more.

On a final note, I really think NBA Stats Tracker, besides everything else, is also a really great tool for Dynasty story-telling, due to the automated detection of box scores and all the manual stat writing it will help you avoid. Also, you’ll be able to limit the stats features to a specific timeframe and check out how your players, team and opponents were doing between any two dates. I think that if you watch the two videos I’ve put up in my channel, the feature tour and this tutorial, you’ll think of even more ways to use NBA Stats Tracker to enhance your dynasty story.

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