JaoSming’s Predictions: Franchise Modes

Today I am going to lay out my predictions regarding the franchise modes in the basketball games coming out in the fall of 2012. Even though these modes are played for the longest periods of time by the most hardcore of basketball gamers, they rarely get any huge updates to make the mode more accessible. With that in mind, take a look at my predictions for Association and Dynasty modes for NBA 2K13 and EA NBA 13.

NBA 2K13: A New Interface

Association mode has been a consistent mode year after year for the NBA 2K series. The Homepage has been the biggest interface change in the past few years but I feel like it will be completely changed again. I honestly don’t know what they will change it to, but predictions don’t necessarily need to be that specific do they?


EA NBA 13: Same Old Same Old

EA’s Dynasty mode surprisingly doesn’t change too much year after year, or series to series. The mode in Madden looks and acts a lot like the mode in NHL which looks and acts a lot like Dynasty mode in all the NBA Live games. All are stat and text heavy and not very pleasing to look at unless you are interested in the raw stats of your players. Since this style has yet to change in current EA Sports games, look for it to continue into EA’s next NBA simulation game.


Wishlist: Blogging

My wishlist item for these franchise modes is similar to the community site support 2K had for 2K10 and 2K11. I want stats, screenshots, videos, and box scores to be exported to a blog where the user can create and share their own stories. Not only does having a feature like this please hardcore gamers that populate these forums, but it helps promote the game after its release, much better than any patch or post-release trailer.


I almost wanted to include the FIBA/Euroleague teams from the last article as my wishlist item for this one, but I think the community aspect of this idea is much better. Tomorrow I am going to talk about the special teams in each game, but feel free to comment on this article below.

Other Predictions:


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The X
The X
January 29, 2012 10:28 am

Association is the be all & end all of the game. I’ll be spitting chips (& maybe buying EA’s game) if the improvement is new interface. I don’t care if they keep current interface, I just want all new CBA rules in effect, improved AI logic for trades and free agency, improved sim stats & getting rid of bugs.

My wishlist item for both 2K and EA games are a Commissioner veto option on all CPU trades/signings. Obviously this option could be toggled OFF and ON. If Stern can do it, then so should we. If team wants to trade Anthony Randolph for #2 draft pick then we can veto it rather than having to control all 30 teams.

Finally, I really hope EA brings something a bit better than what they gave us a decade ago.

January 29, 2012 12:26 pm

Along with gameplay, this is my greatest area of interest for the upcoming games.

I don’t think 2K has to do a great deal with Association feature-wise. The depth is there and it’s mostly all functional, it’s a matter of polishing, tweaking and fixing what isn’t quite up to scratch (like simulated stats). There’s little bits and pieces you can expand on, but it’s issues with simulated stats, trade logic, etc that take the most away from the experience, rather than a lack of options or content.

For EA’s game, an overhaul/huge upgrade is long overdue. The interface is manageable, aside from the absence of the traditional reorder roster menu (that HAS to come back, it’s been missing since NBA Live 07 and has made things way more cumbersome than they need to be when it comes to roster management) but the features are lacking. Catching up to Association in fell swoop isn’t feasible but fixing the simulated stats and expanding the experience some should be possible. Getting gameplay at an acceptable level is important in the next EA game, but modes like Dynasty also need to be greatly improved for a solid all around product.