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Latest Classic Teams Revealed for NBA 2K18; New Screenshots

NBA 2K18: De'Aaron Fox

The sixteen new classic teams in NBA 2K18 continue to be revealed two at a time by the official NBA 2K Twitter account. The latest squads to be revealed are the 2008 Denver Nuggets, 2012 Oklahoma City Thunder, 2011 Dallas Mavericks, 2016 Golden State Warriors, 2008 New Orleans Hornets, 2014 Indiana Pacers, 2011 Chicago Bulls, and 2012 New York Knicks. As such, we now know fourteen of the sixteen new classic teams:

  • 1997 Miami Heat
  • 1999 New York Knicks
  • 2002 Sacramento Kings
  • 2004 Los Angeles Lakers
  • 2006 Memphis Grizzlies
  • 2008 New Orleans Hornets
  • 2008 Denver Nuggets
  • 2011 Chicago Bulls
  • 2011 Dallas Mavericks
  • 2012 New York Knicks
  • 2012 Oklahoma City Thunder
  • 2013 Memphis Grizzlies
  • 2014 Indiana Pacers
  • 2016 Golden State Warriors

As noted in the previous bulletin, it seems that the 1993 New Jersey Nets will be one of the two remaining teams, while the season finale of 2K TV previously hinted that the 2007 Golden State Warriors would be in this year’s game. The final two teams should be confirmed soon, with further details (and presumably preview media) reportedly coming on August 25th.

More player screenshots have also been posted or Re-Tweeted by the official NBA 2K Twitter account, showing off what the players in question will look like in NBA 2K18, and what their ratings will be upon release. Check them all out below, as well as in our NBA 2K18 Screenshots gallery.

Got any thoughts on the classic teams that have been revealed so far, or any of the screenshots? Have your say in the comments section below, and as always, feel free to join in the discussion taking place here in the NLSC Forum.

Latest NBA 2K18 Screenshots

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