Making a Mod: NBA 2K11 Current Roster (Episode 1)

Making a Mod: NBA 2K11 Current Roster (Episode 1)

The first episode of Making a Mod: NBA 2K11 Current Roster is out now! This is a new video series on our YouTube channel, in which I document the process of making a 2020 season roster update for NBA 2K11 PC.

You may recall that I teased the project about a year ago. Unfortunately, a lot of things kept getting in the way, and I wasn’t able to get an update out last season. With the new season looming – and potentially a very exciting one at that, given all the player movement – I want to see the project through this year.

These videos will serve as progress reports for the project, and hopefully provide a fun and interesting insight into the creation of the rosters. I’m not sure of the schedule yet except that I’ll likely have one out whenever I’ve made significant progress on the roster. As the 2020 season tips off in just a few weeks, they may end up being fairly close together. Watch Episode 1 below, or catch it here on our YouTube channel (and feel free to subscribe while you’re there)!

As I mentioned, you can find more coverage and previews (and eventually support) here in the Forum. If you’re able to assist in creating/converting faces, jerseys, courts, and other art assets for the NBA 2K11 current roster update, please let me know!

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