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Second Annual March Modness Is Underway

NLSC March Modness

March Modness is back for 2019! I liked the idea of last year’s event and was glad to see people in the community getting involved, so this is the next step in making it an annual event.

Basically, March Modness is both a celebration of modding, and a giveaway. In addition to our usual File Additions bulletins and spotlighting any big releases that come out during the month of March, contributors to our Downloads section will have a chance to win a copy of either NBA Live 20 or NBA 2K20 later this year, just by releasing their work.

To enter, all you need to do is release a mod and upload it to our Downloads section during the month of March 2019, with “March Modness” in the description. The mod may be for any PC version of NBA Live or NBA 2K, but it must be your own work and remain hosted in our Downloads section. Please see below for the full terms and conditions of entry, and good luck!

Once again, I’ll be getting into the spirit myself with a few releases. There are some projects that I’m working on that have been taking longer than anticipated, but I’ll be doing my best to get at least a couple of them out this month. Stay tuned for more details, and hopefully some great releases throughout our second annual March Modness!

NLSC March Modness Contest Terms & Conditions

  • One winner will be selected at the end of March. The prize is a copy of either NBA Live 20 or NBA 2K20; winner’s choice.
  • The winner will be selected at random, and all decisions are final. If a participant is disqualified, unreachable, or banned, a new winner will be selected.
  • To enter, participants must release at least one mod during the month of March 2019, and include the term “March Modness” in the description.
  • Mods can be for any PC release of NBA Live or NBA 2K.
  • To qualify for the contest, mods must be uploaded to the NLSC’s Downloads section. No ad links or external hosting is allowed; tip jar links are permitted.
  • Mods must remain in the database, and hosted by the NLSC. Removal of the mods or replacement with an external link will result in disqualification.
  • Each individual mod release counts for one entry in the contest, with a maximum of five entries per participant.
  • Entries may be updated with new versions (where applicable). Updated versions of the same mod do not earn another entry.
  • All releases must comply with community rules regarding permission, appropriate credits, and content. No stolen work!

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