March Modness: NBA Live PC Title Screen Updates

NBA Live 19 All-Star Edition Title Screen Mod for NBA Live PC

I’m still cooking up some big projects that I hope I can finish before March Modness 2019 is over, but in the meantime, I’m tipping off my releases with a couple of smaller mods. Following up on my previous NBA Live 18 and NBA Live 19 title screen updates for NBA Live 2005-08 PC, I’ve released a new title screen featuring the NBA Live 19 All-Star Edition artwork.

In an overdue release, I’ve also gone back and updated my Next Gen Title Screen mod for NBA Live 07. The first release used the pre-boot screen as it was easier to crop for use in the original NBA Live 07 file, but this release uses the file from NBA Live 08, which means I’ve been able to use the actual title screen from the Xbox 360 version of NBA Live 07.

Download the NBA Live 19 All-Star Edition mod here, and the new NBA Live 07 Next Gen mod here. Be sure to stay tuned for more March Modness releases!

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