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NBA 2K12 Developer Insight #11 – Audio

2K Sports have posted the eleventh Developer Insight for NBA 2K12 over on the official Facebook page. It features audio director Joel Simmons talking about the audio in this year’s game, beginning with the commentary. Joel details the changes with the new three man booth that now includes Steve Kerr and mentions that the commentary will better react to late game and clutch situations, as well as recent events and performance during a season.

He also talks about the commentary in NBA’s Greatest and the decision to approach it from an archival perspective, as well as the vintage arena effects and PA audio that were added along with 500 new contemporary arena-specific sounds and music clips. Improvements to crowd audio are also covered in the Insight and Joel touches on their ability to patch commentary bugs in NBA 2K12 as necessary post-launch.

Finally, the Insight includes some audio clips from the game, so that you can download and listen to examples of what Joel is talking about. Check it out and post your thoughts in this thread or feel free to leave a comment below.

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