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NBA 2K12 Developer Insight #9 – Defense

Another new Developer Insight has been posted on the NBA 2K Facebook page.  This time we are looking at Defense.

Seems like there are a lot of subtle changes to defense this year.  In my opinion, the biggest improvements are being able to move while keeping your hands up and a new animation technology that modifies mo-capped animations so that the player’s hands can find the ball better.  Seems like good stuff all around in the name of keeping balance between offensive and defensive players.  Comment and check out the Forum thread for more information and impressions.

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Awesome stuff. There were times in NBA 2K11 that I felt a step too slow or found myself overshooting the mark too easily on defense. Sounds like that won’t be a problem this year. The strategy, the improvements to blocking and stealing, better balance…it all sounds great. Some of the new right stick controls on defense remind me of some the things I really liked about Freestyle Control in older versions of NBA Live which they’ve since moved away from a bit, so I’m glad to see NBA 2K adopt something similar. All in all a great Insight, very encouraging stuff.