NBA 2K12 Online Issues; History, Notes on My Crew (Kotaku)

Kotaku’s Owen Good has posted a lengthy article¬†detailing the online issues with NBA 2K12, including disconnections and long waiting times when trying to find an opponent. The article contains several quotes from Jeff Thomas, the director of development at Visual Concepts, who notes that some of the problems stem from old code dating back to the game’s days as a Dreamcast title. Thomas insists that 2K Sports are indeed listening to the complaints and are working towards developing a solution.

The article also notes that the omission of My Crew this year was due to an overhaul in the code, with hints that it may return in future games (though no promises are being made). Thomas also comments on the decision to leave the NBA’s Greatest teams out of the online modes, aside from the upcoming Legends Showcase downloadable content. It’s worth a read, so check it out and leave your thoughts below or here in the Forum.

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