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NBA 2K12 YouTube Uploads of the Week

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Rather than build up footage of my mods to turn into full length mixes, I have been putting all my upload worthy plays in NBA 2K12 up on my YouTube Channel. I also regularly check for recent NBA 2K12 direct uploads to YouTube, so if you click to read more you can check out all my uploads for the week, as well as my favorite direct uploads from other users.

I’ll also post any full length mixes that come out. If you don’t want to wait for the end of the week to see my uploads and liked videos, you can to Subscribe to my channel, and be sure to check out the Official NLSC YouTube Channel for all the official trailers from the NBA Live and NBA 2K series. If you want to see your videos featured, be sure to post them in this thread, or comment below so I can subscribe to your YouTube account.

Full Mixes

NBA Street 2K12 ModDownload

All Pro Basketball 2K12 ModDownload

NLSC Roster ModDownload

Vanilla NBA 2K12

My Favorite Direct Uploads

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