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NBA 2K12 YouTube Videos of the Week

Another week gone and plenty of NBA 2K12 videos uploaded to YouTube to search through. This week in mixes we have another mix by shady00018, a look at Kobe playing in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, and a first time mix by forum user mg2prime. My daily uploads are still being uploaded consistently, although this week I only showcased the Retro and Hoop It Up mods again. And finally in direct uploads, I decided to focus on amazing plays rather than slick editing in 2K12’s Reel Maker, so check out those six videos as well.

As a reminder, you should check out the official NLSC YouTube channel for basketball video game trailers and other videos, and feel free to share your own mixes in this forum thread.

Full Mixes

Hoop it Up 2K12 Mod – Download

Retro Uniforms & Courts Roster – Download

My Favorite Direct Uploads

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