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NBA 2K14 PC on Sale for $10

Amazon currently has the digital PC version of NBA 2K14 discounted 66% for $10. If you buy it through this deal, Amazon will send you a code to redeem through Steam which how you will download it. According to this is the lowest price of NBA 2K14 so far, and the NBA 2K games rarely dip below this price until they are out of date.

This would be a great time to pick up the PC version for anyone who is on the fence as the game’s main file format, the iff file, will be getting a new modding tool as a part of an update to RED MC. This will allow the community to import any size textures into the game while also customizing aspects that simply have been impossible in all the years NBA 2K has been on PC. The PC version is missing MyTEAM and many online modes seen in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game, but is backed by an extensive amount of mods which you can see in our Releases & Previews Forum. The deal runs until March 24th.

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