NBA 2K14 Server Shutdown Nukes Player Saves

In a disappointing turn of events, the shutdown of the NBA 2K14 servers that occurred last week has wiped out player saves for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game. Despite previous assurances that the server shutdown would result in online save files being converted to offline saves, several players have discovered that their saves are now inaccessible.

To further gamer frustration, 2K is not offering any warning about the situation, though 2K Support are confirming the issue when they are contacted. Polygon has published excerpts from one such email, which refers to the save files being “retired”, and goes on to say:

Sadly this may come as an inconvenience to some of you and if so we truly do understand and can feel for how upsetting this may seem as there always is a special bond that occurs between a player and their MyCareer save but all good things must come to an end and rest assured your MyCareer or MyGM went out while on top!

Such responses are unlikely to placate angry fans, who unsurprisingly have voiced their displeasure on social media. It remains to be seen what will happen with NBA 2K15, and whether 2K’s previous assurances of a contingency plan that allows gamers to continue their saves in offline mode will come to fruition.

The issue certainly highlights the drawbacks of the current approach to cloud saves and online features as it pertains to single player modes. Both NBA 2K and NBA Live make use of content that’s stored on their servers, which obviously hampers the game once the inevitable shutdown has taken place. The obvious expectation is that gamers will be upgrading to the latest game each year, but that’s not always the case. Additionally, gamers who do buy the game every year but also maintain their collection rather than trading in will sometimes revisit older games, especially if they’ve played a mode extensively, and pumped real money into the game to purchase upgrades.

Hopefully, both 2K and EA will find a way to avoid these pitfalls in the future, while still making good use of cloud technology.

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