NBA 2K16 PC Available on Humble Bundle

NBA 2K16: Anthony Davis posts up Tim Duncan

The PC version of NBA 2K16 is currently available at a great discount over on Humble Bundle. You can pick up the game as part of a 2K Games bundle, though it’s one of the titles that you must pay more than the average to unlock. As of this post, that means paying a little under $8 US, which is still one of the best deals you’ll find on NBA 2K16 PC at the moment, on top of any of the other titles you may be interested in.

If you do decide to take this opportunity to pick up NBA 2K16 PC, or perhaps double-dip if you’ve been playing one of the console versions, be sure to join in the conversation here in the NLSC Forum! I’ve taken the opportunity to pick up a spare key myself, with a view towards a giveaway to tide someone over until the release of NBA 2K17. Stay tuned for more details on that.

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