NBA 2K17 Screenshots: Team USA & ’92 Dream Team

NBA 2K17: Team USA 2016

Although the first NBA 2K17 screenshot featuring Team USA 2016 was quickly pulled, two new screenshots have now been officially released. The first is an updated shot of the current Team USA squad, featuring the full team, coach Mike Krzyzewski, and better lighting.

The second screenshot features the 1992 Dream Team, which has been confirmed as a pre-order bonus for NBA 2K17. As noted here, Both screenshots are re-creations of the team photos for both squads, with only coach Chuck Daly missing from the Dream Team screenshot. This would seem to suggest that Chuck Daly will not appear on the sidelines as the Dream Team’s coach, though as you’ll note from looking at the screenshot, all twelve players are accounted for as they were in NBA 2K13.

You can check out both screenshots below, as well as here in our NBA 2K17 screenshot gallery. What are your thoughts on the new screens? Have your say in the comments section below, and join in the discussion here in the Forum. Thanks once again to PeacemanNOT for the heads up.

NBA 2K17 Dream Team & Team USA 2016 Screenshots

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July 31, 2016 5:28 pm

The Dream Team players look like caricatures, i don’t like it.

Also i hope one day game characters will have realistic looking eyes
because 90% of the time the eyes are making them lifeless.