NBA 2K19 Classic Seasons Project Now Includes 1998

NBA 2K19 Classic Seasons Mods

As you may have seen in the Forum, the NBA 2K19 Classic Seasons project by Stildo33 and company continues to expand into the early 80s and late 90s. To that end, following on from the full release of the 1997 season mod last October, the 1998 season roster is now available!

For those who are unaware, the NBA 2K19 Classic Seasons project features comprehensive retro season total conversions. As such, the newest mod features complete rosters for all 29 NBA teams from 1998 along with the necessary jerseys, courts, faces, and so on. The rosters themselves are accurate as of the end of the 1998 campaign. Note that since NBA 2K19’s in-game file sharing has been shut down for years at this point, both the roster and the art assets are distributed the old fashioned way.

With that being said, you can pick up the project here in the NBA 2K19 Modding section of the Forum! Be sure to check out the project’s release topic for support and further previews. As per Stildo33, the 1999 season mod is approaching completion, and other enhancements are also in the works, including more year-specific faces and other updates/corrections. Congratulations once again to Stildo33 and company on another fantastic release, and a project that continues to inject fun into a modern classic!

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