NBA 2K20 Ratings Reveal, More First Look Screenshots

NBA 2K20 Ratings Reveal

As previously announced, the NBA 2K20 Ratings Reveal took place on a livestream on Twitter. Over the course of the stream, 2K revealed the top-rated stars, duos, and rookies in this year’s game, along with the best three-point shooters. In the process, they also dropped some more First Look screenshots, and discussed how the ratings are devised.

The two best active players are LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard, with Overall Ratings of 97. MVP and last year’s cover player Giannis Antetokounmpo is right behind them at 96 Overall, tying him with Kevin Durant and James Harden. Unsurprisingly, top pick Zion Williamson is the highest rated rookie at 81 Overall, with Ja Morant in second place at 79. Thirteen active players in total will be rated in the 90s at launch, with LeBron James and cover player Anthony Davis (94 Overall) being the highest rated duo with an average Overall Rating of 95.5. Appropriately enough, Steph Curry is the top three-point shooter with a maxed-out rating of 99.

See below for a breakdown of the NBA 2K20 Ratings Reveal, along with a handful of screenshots. What do you make of the ratings that have been revealed? Have your say in the comments section below, and join in the discussion here in the NLSC Forum!


Top 20 Players

  1. LeBron James (97 Overall)
  2. Kawhi Leonard (97 Overall)
  3. Giannis Antetokounmpo (96 Overall)
  4. Kevin Durant (96 Overall)
  5. James Harden (96 Overall)
  6. Steph Curry (95 Overall)
  7. Anthony Davis (94 Overall)
  8. Paul George (93 Overall)
  9. Damian Lillard (92 Overall)
  10. Joel Embiid (91 Overall)
  11. Kyrie Irving (91 Overall)
  12. Nikola Jokic (90 Overall)
  13. Russell Westbrook (90 Overall)
  14. Klay Thompson (89 Overall)
  15. Karl-Anthony Towns (89 Overall)
  16. Jimmy Butler (88 Overall)
  17. Kemba Walker (88 Overall)
  18. Donovan Mitchell (88 Overall)
  19. Rudy Gobert (88 Overall)
  20. Blake Griffin (88 Overall)

Top 5 Rookies

  1. Zion Williamson (81 Overall)
  2. Ja Morant (79 Overall)
  3. R.J. Barrett (78 Overall)
  4. De’Andre Hunter (77 Overall)
  5. Darius Garland (77 Overall)

Top 5 Three-Point Shooters

  1. Steph Curry (99)
  2. Klay Thompson (97)
  3. Joe Harris (94)
  4. J.J. Redick (90)
  5. Buddy Hield (90)

Top 5 Big Men

  1. Anthony Davis (94 Overall)
  2. Joel Embiid (91 Overall)
  3. Nikola Jokic (90 Overall)
  4. Karl-Anthony Towns (89 Overall)
  5. Rudy Gobert (88 Overall)

Best Duos

  1. LeBron James & Anthony Davis, Los Angeles Lakers (95.5 Average Overall)
  2. Kawhi Leonard & Paul George, Los Angeles Clippers (95 Average Overall)
  3. Kyrie Irving & Kevin Durant, Brooklyn Nets (93.5 Average Overall)
  4. James Harden & Russell Westbrook, Houston Rockets (93 Average Overall)

NBA 2K20 Ratings Reveal Screenshots

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