NBA 2K21 Next Gen Gameplay Blog #3 Talks MyPLAYER & AI

NBA 2K21 Next Gen Gameplay Blog #3

The third NBA 2K21 Next Gen gameplay blog has been posted. With the first blog covering fundamentals and the second blog covering movement and contact, the third and final gameplay blog discusses MyPLAYER builds and AI.

Some of the key points spotlighted in the blog include the new MyPLAYER Builder, which has done away with pie charts. There are also new Badges including a Mamba Mentality Badge, and 24 Takeover abilities. Several updates have also been made to the AI in the Next Gen version of NBA 2K21. The version of the blog posted on the official PlayStation website also mentions another PlayStation 5 exclusive, this time concerning MyTEAM.

As with the previous insights, I recommend reading the third NBA 2K21 Next Gen gameplay blog for the full scoop. However, you can check out my summary of the key points below. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, and join in the discussion taking place here in the Forum!

NBA 2K21 Next Gen Gameplay Blog #3 Summary

  • Pie Charts have been removed from the MyPLAYER Builder, and we now have complete control over setting the cap for each individual rating. There are still restrictions based on vitals of course, and it’s impossible to max out everything.
  • Several Badges are returning in Next Gen, but most have undergone tweaks to their functionality. A handful of newly redundant and previously unpopular Badges have been removed, including Deep Hooks, Steady Shooter, Ranger Extender, Lob City Passer, and Showtime. Some of the new Badges include Circus Threes, Deep Threes, Fearless Finisher, and Rise Up.
  • The Badge upgrade system is very similar to Current Gen. Earning Badge points requires performing well in the areas of Finishing, Shooting, Playmaking, and Defense/Rebounding, and then applying those points to Badges within those categories.
  • Takeover abilities have been split up into 24 options that are more specific. They’re described as being more like special Badges that can be activated when you get hot. Examples include Stuff Blocks (more swats), Team Ratings Boost (boost teammates’ attributes on offense), Extreme Clamps (even tougher perimeter defense), and Pull-Up Precision (boosts to well-timed or well-aimed shots off the dribble).
  • Additionally, Takeover is now a multi-tier system, with a Primary and Secondary takeover. This allows two different Takeover abilities to be selected, or the same ability if you want to double up on its effects. There will be three Takeover meters to fill, with the Primary ability activating first, followed by the Secondary ability, and then Team Takeover. Waiting to fill all meters runs the risk of losing them all if you miss a bad shot or commit a turnover.
  • As in Current Gen, Team Takeover in MyCAREER games will allow the user to take control of the entire team, rather than just their MyPLAYER.
  • Kobe Bryant has been honoured with a Mamba Mentality Badge. This is earned by maxing out all of your Badges, and will allow you to change your Takeover abilities whenever you desire.
  • AI has been improved on offense and defense. On defense, there is new logic for switching, off-ball actions, defenders avoiding each other, and CPU teammates positioning themselves to take charges. Improvements have also been made to the Hedge defensive system, and holding L1/LB calls for help defense rather than just calling for a double team.
  • On offense, there are new game planning options that allow the user and AI to have more specific game plans. There are eight default game plans, including Play Through Star and Pound the Ball Inside. There is also new counter intelligence for double teams, improved end of game logic, expanded favourite plays, and enhanced freelance offense.
  • Player-specific plays have been moved back to L1/LB with favourite plays on the D-Pad. This change was made based on gamer feedback.
  • AI players no longer position themselves out of bounds, and spacing has been improved in pick & roll situations.
  • PlayStation 5 Exclusive: Using the PS5’s Activities feature, each new MyTEAM Season will include a unique Challenge Activity, similar to the Moments and Spotlight Challenges. Each new Season’s Activity will yield a new reward, and participants will be ranked.
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