NBA 2K21 Wishlist Now Open; Add Your Feedback ASAP!

NBA 2K21 Wishlist Now Open

Our official NBA 2K21 Wishlist topic is now open in the NLSC Forum! This is where we’re compiling feedback to send along to the development team, where it can hopefully be put to good use in this year’s game. We’d like to submit it as soon as we possibly can, so if you’ve got any ideas, start posting them today!

As always, the goal is to compile a comprehensive but concise Wishlist. This means covering new features we’d like to see, ways that gameplay and current modes can improve, and of course, bug reports. Bullet points are best and get the point across quicker than lengthy essays, but at the same time, be detailed. Saying things like “make the gameplay better” and “fix online” doesn’t give the developers much to work with. We need to explain what the problems are, and how we’d like to see them resolved.

The NBA 2K21 Wishlist is also intended to be constructive, so please avoid profanity, personal attacks, and angry rants. Venting is fine elsewhere in the Forum, but when we compile Wishlists, we’re aiming for thoughtful suggestions and criticism. Once we’ve received a good amount of feedback, we’ll compile the official Wishlist and emphasise the most popular wishes.

It’s never guaranteed that we’ll get everything we want, but if we don’t speak up, our voices won’t be heard. Once again, we are looking to submit our Wishlist soon, so start posting your feedback and ideas ASAP!

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