NBA 2K22 First Look: Screenshots, Mode & Gameplay News

NBA 2K22 First Look:

A freshly posted developer blog and a handful of Tweets from the official NBA 2K Twitter have given us our first look at NBA 2K22! In addition to screenshots of cover players Luka Doncic, Dirk Nowitzki, and Candace Parker, we’ve been given some early information about the game.

In addition to outling some of the offensive and defensive gameplay improvements we can expect to see in NBA 2K22, the first look has also dropped some tidbits about modes. Seasons will be returning in MyTEAM, and have now been added to MyCAREER and The W. The Draft will also be returning to MyTEAM, and as previously noted, there will be cross-gen progression.

Both The City and The Neighborhood have been re-designed. There’s a new Quest system in The City, which will be more closely integrated with the MyCAREER experience. Online matchmaking has also been added in Next Gen, which is something that I’ve long been pushing for. MyNBA and MyWNBA gamers can expect some new features as well. A Game Informer preview has also confirmed that Rookieville has been dropped, and Next Gen MyCAREER will take a different approach with storytelling.

As always, I encourage you to check out the blog in full. I’ve recapped it in further detail below however, where you can also find the first look NBA 2K22 screenshots. What are your thoughts? Have your say in the comments, and join in the discussion here in the Forum!

NBA 2K22 First Look Screenshots

Blog Recap

As noted, the first developer blog and Game Informer preview have provided a quick overview of details that will be expanded upon later. More information will be coming in August and September, ahead of the game’s release on September 10th, 2021. This is what we know so far!

  • Offensive gameplay will be more skill-based, from breaking down defenders with new signature moves, to making precise jumpshots and finishing dunks and alley-oops. Overall, there’s more emphasis on basketball IQ and stick skills.
  • Defensively, the shot contest and blocking systems have been revamped. Playing defense will reportedly be more rewarding.
  • The Seasons approach returns in MyTEAM, and will include new challenges and events. It has also been adapted for MyCAREER and The W, providing different opportunities to level up MyPLAYERs.
  • MyTEAM: Draft returns, allowing gamers to select from a pool of players for online multiplayer games. As previously confirmed, cross-gen progression and collection is available within the same console family.
  • The City has been re-designed, and has a new Quest system and NPCs, along with opportunities for side ventures to build your brand.
  • Matchmaking buildings have been added to The City, allowing us to jump into games quicker.
  • Current Gen’s Neighborhood is now situated on a cruise ship. During seasons, the ship will dock for special events.
  • MyCAREER and your journey to the NBA have been integrated with The City on Next Gen. There will be storylines beyond being drafted in the NBA as well.
  • MyNBA and MyWNBA have enhanced staff building features, in order to help develop your team into a winner.
  • Tidbits from the Game Informer preview: No Rookieville or lengthy cinematic MyCAREER story on Next Gen, and Park Affiliations remain. MyCAREER on Current Gen will be more traditional in comparison.
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