NBA 2K22 MyCAREER Details: The City, Neighborhood, & Story

NBA 2K22 MyCAREER Preview

We’re almost at the end of the preview season, with the latest Courtside Report (aka developer blog) providing insights into MyCAREER in NBA 2K22. It also reveals what we can expect of The City on Next Gen, and The Neighborhood on Current Gen.

MyCAREER in the Next Gen version of NBA 2K22 will play out more like an interactive adventure than a movie. The blog compares it to an open world RPG, with main storyline quests and side quests. There are NBA and City-based objectives, including Daily and Seasonal tasks. Matchmaking buildings have been added, and the Gatorade Courts now have no rental fees.

On Current Gen, The Neighborhood has been turned into a luxury cruise, with familiar locations on different decks. There will also be NPCs and objectives, similar to Next Gen. Notably, the matchmaking options that have been introduced on Next Gen will not be available in the Current Gen version.

You can check out a summary of the NBA 2K22 MyCAREER Courtside Report below, as well as a trailer for The City. Got any thoughts on the latest previews? Sound off in the comments below, and join in the discussion here in the Forum! NBA 2K22 comes out this Friday, but as previously noted, we’ll be getting an insight into MyNBA as the preview season wraps up.

NBA 2K22 MyCAREER Courtside Report Summary

Next Gen

  • The MyCAREER story takes place within The City. 2K are describing it as more of an “interactive adventure” rather than a movie, more akin to an open world RPG title.
  • To that point, the story will be largely quest-based, consisting of both main storyline quests and side quests, and is far less linear. Different actions and decisions will trigger mini story arcs and specific rewards based on your choices.
  • Side quests vary from City-based objectives to interviews following events in your NBA career.
  • This year’s MyPLAYER character is nicknamed “MP”, and is a high school star with eyes on making it to the NBA. He is accompanied by best friend and business manager Ricky Bennett, and there will be different paths to the league.
  • Getting to the NBA and winning championships is still a goal of the single player experience, but so is building a “Personal Brand”.
  • The Personal Brand is the image that you cultivate with your MyPLAYER. Your choices establish a character of Free Spirit, Flashy, Corporate, Fundamental, and other personalities. The endorsement opportunities you receive will vary according to that image.
  • After making the league, MP will face challenges such as difficult conversations with coaches, GMs, agents, and the press. The intention is to replicate the off-court drama that comes with being an NBA player, and to provide more control over the direction of your career.
  • There are a number of NPCs to interact with in The City, which will impact the direction of your career, off-court objectives, and the overall story.
  • Entrepreneurial pursuits include fashion and musical projects, and are intended to flesh out the story and immersion of the mode.
  • All objectives in The City earn MVP of the City Points. Becoming MVP of the City unlocks a penthouse apartment, quick access to Affiliation courts, and other rewards.
  • As previously revealed, Seasons will add new content and objectives to MyCAREER. Seasons will last six weeks, and have essentially replaced the MyREP system with Levels 1 to 40, resetting at the beginning of each Season.
  • Rewards from previous Seasons are permanent once earned. Reaching Level 40 in at least four different Seasons will earn Legend status and exclusive rewards.
  • Five Daily Quests will provide opportunities to earn VC, XP, MVP of the City Points, Personal Brand Points, and exclusive gear. These include statistical goals, talking selfies in front of locations in The City, endorsing businesses, and meeting with NPCs.
  • Each Season will have four Seasonal Stat Quests, such as racking up a number of points, assists, alley-oops, and so on.
  • The City’s aesthetic has been enhanced so that it looks more realistic and lively, and less like it was built yesterday. There are also different buildings to explore, with no loading times to enter and exit. There are also new murals and details around The City, and elements that will change with the Seasons.
  • Familiar characters will appear as some of the NPCs found in the various new locations within The City.
  • The Race of the Week involves traversing a course around The City, on foot or using any of the available vehicles. All participants will receive rewards, but the fastest time across PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S will win the weekly prize of 1 Million VC.
  • There is a variety of clothing brands represented for gamers who like to outfit their MyPLAYERs in designer cosmetic items.
  • Affiliations are still a part of MyCAREER in NBA 2K22, but there are now matchmaking buildings for quick games. A 20% XP boost applies to games played on your Affiliation’s home court.
  • 3v3 Player vs Player allows for 3-on-3 play, and no squads are allowed to participate.
  • 3v3 Player vs AI allows both squads and groups of randoms to team up against an evolving pool of AI-controlled players, including NBA Legends.
  • 3v3 Player vs Player Cages features the return of The Cages and their trampolines, in 3-on-3 games with matchmaking.
  • 1v1 Player vs Player is a 1-on-1 mode with matchmaking.
  • Events will provide opportunities to earn big VC prizes and other rewards.
  • The Gatorade Private Courts return, but no longer have a rental fee.
  • Kendrick Perkins joins the broadcast team.

Current Gen

  • The Neighborhood is situated on a cruise ship, “Cancha del Mar”.
  • Deck 4 is The Lobby, where Heather will provide tutorials and quests. Other NPCs will also provide quests during the voyage, similar to The City.
  • MyCOURT, Pro-Am, and the Team Practice Facility are located on Deck 8. As usual, your MyCOURT can be customised. There’s apparently “competition…around every corner”, including in the Engine Room.
  • Ante-Up, the Game Room, Restaurants, Daily Pick ‘Em, and the Daily Spin are on Deck 14. Restaurants will provide gifts and boosts a couple of times per Season.
  • Deck 15 features 3v3, 2v2, and the Gatorade Training Facility. Deck 16 features 3v3 games, and a 5v5 Park rules court surrounded by The Moat.
  • There are NPCs scattered around the decks, and a reality show called “The GOAT Boat” that provides more challenges.
  • MyCAREER in NBA 2K22 Current Gen utilises the Seasons approach, with the Cancha del Mar docking at different locations for Excursions, i.e. unique events.

The City Trailer

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