NBA 2K22 News Schedule Updated; Recent Tidbits

NBA 2K22 News Schedule Updated; Recent Tidbits

If you’re feeling underwhelmed by the lack of news during the NBA 2K22 preview season so far, you’re not alone. However, the official NBA 2K Twitter has posted an updated schedule, outlining when we can expect to hear more details about this year’s game.

This week, we’ll be hearing more about the Seasons approach to content, as well as what’s going on with the WNBA. Next week will yield insights into gameplay and MyTEAM. The week after that, which will be leading up to the September 10th release, will focus on The City, MyCAREER, and MyNBA.

As Dee4Three and I discussed in Episode #389 of the NLSC Podcast, there have been a few tidbits from Gameplay Director Mike Wang (aka Beluba). These came via an appearance on NBA 2KTV, as well as a series of Tweets which have since been deleted. I’ve summarised the details below; shout out to yyy2k from the official NBA 2K subreddit for originally compiling the information from Beluba’s Tweets!

NBA 2K22 News & Notes

  • The Current Gen and Next Gen versions of NBA 2K22 will be far more similar in terms of their on-court experience, compared to NBA 2K21.
  • Shot Aiming has been removed, and there is a greater emphasis on defensive coverage when it comes to shot success.
  • With good timing, it will still be possible to be a perimeter threat with lower ratings.
  • The Steady Shooter Badge has been removed.
  • There will be no vibration cue on shot attempts.
  • A new shot meter will debut, and turning it off will still grant a boost to shot success.
  • Dribbling mechanics are more comparable to NBA 2K20 than NBA 2K21.
  • Seasons in MyCAREER will provide new animations for MyPLAYERs to equip. Real players will have their appropriate signature animations right away.
  • Signature animations will not be removed, though there will be Season-exclusive content in MyCAREER. Also, there will still be many animations available at launch.
  • The idea behind seasonal animation drops is to encourage gamers to use signatures they might not otherwise consider.
  • Current Gen and Next Gen are expected to receive the same animation drops.
  • New jumpshot landings have been added, and more animations will be gated behind player size and ability.
  • On Next Gen, it will be impossible to lose a 99 Overall Rating for your MyPLAYER. Current Gen retains the fluctuating 95-99 Overall system.
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