NBA 2K24 Wishlist Call

NBA 2K24 Wishlist Call

As Dee and I noted in Episode #461 of the NLSC Podcast, with NBA 2K24 already in production, Wishlist season is upon us! Obviously there are many places that compile and submit feedback these days, but Wishlists have a long tradition here at the NLSC, so we’re putting together one for this year’s game.

You can find our NBA 2K24 Wishlist topic here in the NLSC Forum. Although there’s no strict format, in previous years our contacts at 2K have suggested sharing our top 15-20 suggestions across the board, or perhaps our top ten ideas in different categories (gameplay, modes, options, etc). From there, I’ll compile a list that covers a cross-section of the community’s most popular wishes.

While it’s important to provide detail (i.e. don’t just say “make gameplay better”; explain how), please avoid long-winded paragraphs that bury the actual feedback amidst rants and anecdotes. It’s vital to get to the point quickly, clearly, and precisely. Remember, it’s not about sugar-coating or sucking up, but rather being civil and constructive. Think about feedback in our modding community: useful suggestions phrased politely are helpful, while snarky and rude comments tend to be tuned out.

Finally, our NBA 2K24 Wishlist will cover both versions of the game. Naturally we’ll be advocating for the PC version and modding, so by all means give feedback along those lines! As always, there’s no guarantee that all of our wishes will be granted, but speaking up gives them a much better chance than if we stay silent. Please get involved, as we’re looking to submit the Wishlist to the development team ASAP. That way, we stand a better chance of seeing our feedback put to use in NBA 2K24.

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