NBA Elite 11 Practice Court for NBA Live 08 V3 (March Modness)

NBA Elite 11 Practice Court for NBA Live 08 V3

As March Modness continues, I have another overdue update to share. Following on from my new version of The Hangar, I’ve updated my NBA Elite 11 Practice Court for NBA Live 08. Once again, I’ve corrected the apron colour to a shade of black, having erroneously opted for a shade of brown in the original release.

You can pick up the new version of the NBA Elite 11 practice court here in our Downloads section; please see below for a handful of previews. For more information, previews, and a catalogue of my previous mods, check out my release thread here in the Forum. As I said when I released the updated Hangar, I’d like to create proper conversions for NBA Live 2005-07, so stay tuned for that.

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to release something new every day, but it’s my goal to be more active for this year’s March Modness. I’m aiming to finish up and release some big projects in celebration of the event, but I’ve got quite a few ideas for smaller mods as well, so be on the lookout for those. Don’t forget that modders can enter a draw to win a copy of NBA Live or NBA 2K by uploading their work to our Downloads section. Be sure to check out this bulletin for more details, and enjoy our celebrations of modding throughout March!

NBA Elite 11 Practice Court V3 Previews

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