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NBA Jam: On Fire Edition – Unlocking the Unlocks

There was a blog posted on Wednesday by the NBA Jam: On Fire Edition crew talking about how we will be unlocking everything in the game.

But how do I get all this awesome stuff? Lemme tell ya, it ain’t secret codes kid. 2 words: JAM Bucks… Every game you complete you’ll get some. You get them for completing JAM Challenges, picking up doubles, and literally dozens of other in-game actions. These are both XP and Cash. That means you earn them to level up, which will unlock stuff, and then use the same points to buy stuff from the JAM Store so you can use it in-game.

You can unlock over 40 legends, over 25 teams, privileges (filters, custom rules, different balls), and custom JAM Card titles, backgrounds, and icons.  Read the entire blog here and discuss it in the Forum here.

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So long as it doesn’t take too long to unlock all the stuff, I’m fine with that approach. WWF Smackdown: Shut Your Mouth! remains my favourite example of that approach done badly, where you could only unlock content by winning a PPV match. That meant playing through the story mode over and over again, with the PS2’s loading times. By the time you unlocked everything, you were too tired of the game to enjoy it.