NBA Live 08 Editor v2.1 by Ayiep Released; Adds 2005-07 Support

Ayiep has released a new version (v2.1) of his fantastic NBA Live 08 Editor! The new release adds more handy features including the ability to export players from FIBA teams, a player injury indicator when editing a Dynasty or Season save, access to the ISHUMAN attribute when editing team data and the ability to unlock shoes via database editing. It also includes full support for NBA Live 2005, NBA Live 06 and NBA Live 07, making it a fully functional roster editor for the last four NBA Live games to be released on PC.

Download the NBA Live 08 Editor here and check out Ayiep’s release thread here in the NBA Live 08 section of the NLSC Forum for more information and technical support, or to simply offer some thanks for this fantastic tool.

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