NBA Live 10 Post Draft Rosters (Xbox 360)

biggD has released a new version of his NBA Live 10 rosters project to reflect some of the changes that have occurred in the NBA since the Draft. He’s added some rookies to the game, as well as some of the player movement as of a few days ago. Rather than assuming each player is resigning with their former team, he also released a majority of the free agents this summer into the Free Agents pool, rather than keeping them on their teams. This makes it easier to update recent transactions without releasing a new version, such as Ray Allen signing with the Heat.

To get the rosters, you can add his Gamertag to your friends list, hoopheavenbris, or my own, JaoSming, to access our EA Lockers and save the roster to your Xbox 360. Be sure to check out his NLSC Forum thread, and his thread over at Operation Sports. I also recorded a quick video today showing how to access the EA Locker and some gameplay of his latest roster.

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December 18, 2012 9:55 pm

Could you please add me as a friend so I can get the roster? I have sent you a friend request.