NBA Live 10 Highlights: Clippers vs. Magic

NBA Live 10 Highlights: Clippers vs. Magic

Although I’m past my huge NBA Live 10 kick from a few years ago, I still enjoy firing up the game and sharing the highlights whenever I do! With Blake Griffin recently announcing his retirement after 13 NBA seasons, I felt inspired to stage a showdown of cover players with the face of NCAA Basketball 09 taking on Dwight Howard in his own game.

While Griffin ultimately missed what should have been his rookie season, we can obviously still put him on the floor in NBA Live 10 to create some high-flying highlights. Lob City may have been a few years away, but the tandem of Griffin and Blake Davis is also quite capable of connecting on alley-oops. I managed to do just that – no mean feat in NBA Live 10, as many of you are no doubt aware – as well as frequently find Griffin on the fast break for some vicious finishes. Davis was also a lot of fun with his signature dribbling package, while Howard and Mickael Pietrus led the way for Orlando in a game that was tightly-contested until the fourth quarter. Check it out!

NBA Live 10 is still a blast to dust off over a decade later, so I hope that you enjoyed these highlights! Be sure to subscribe to the NLSC YouTube channel for more basketball gaming content, and as always, feel free to hit Dee and I up with suggestions of games that you’d like to see us play.

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