NBA Live 10 Highlights: Nuggets vs Knicks

NBA Live 10 Highlights: Nuggets vs Knicks

As you may have heard Dee and I discuss in Episode #463 of the NLSC Podcast, we had a couple of fun Parsec sessions with NBA Live 10 and NBA Live 98 last week. I posted a bulletin with the NBA Live 98 reel over the weekend, but Dee has also put together highlights from our NBA Live 10 game.

Although we’ve connected several times to play head-to-head in NBA Live 10, it was our first time playing co-op. Many of our games these days are co-op, and it’s proven to be just as fun as squaring off against one another! In this game, we used the Denver Nuggets and faced the New York Knicks in NBA Live 10’s rendering of Madison Square Garden. We were able to connect on some exciting alley-oops, make spectacular forays to the hoop, and come up with some impressive defensive stops. NBA Live 10 highlights are a lot of fun, so check them out!

Once again, a reminder that we’re looking to produce even more video content this year, so be sure to subscribe to the NLSC YouTube channel! Dee and I have a huge variety of basketball games in our respective collections, so feel free to hit us up with any suggestions of what you’d like to see us play.

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