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Here is an interview that conducted with NBA Live 13 producer Nick Wlodyka back at E3 2012, which we somehow missed posting back in June. The interview provides a good rundown of the info we know so far from their approach to the game, their main goals with NBA Live 13 and the sharing of ANT animation technology with the NHL and FIFA series.

It also reveals a couple of interesting tidbits that haven’t been talked about much, including updates to player faces throughout the season, the inclusion of different body models and wingspans and hot and cold streaks based on both real NBA data and the user’s experience. It’s a solid interview and definitely worth checking out, so watch it below or here over on YouTube if you can’t see the embedded video. As always, we invite you to leave a comment below with your thoughts, as well as take part in the latest discussion that’s going on in the NBA Live 13 section of the NLSC Forum.

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i seen this, but info isnt really new or informative