NBA Live 16 Gameplay Blog: Freestyle Control & Movement

As promised, today we received a new blog providing us with the latest details on the gameplay in NBA Live 16. The blog doesn’t contain any new in-game footage of NBA Live 16 (just the first look gameplay trailer), but it does include some new screenshots, and provides some in-depth information about Freestyle Control and player movement in this year’s game. The key points of the latest developer blog are as follows:

  • In addition to improved dribbling animations, there is a greater sense of control and responsiveness when performing crossovers and other dribbling moves, as well as chaining moves together.
  • Signature moves and size-ups are no longer automated with the right stick; instead, the user can perform the moves as desired by moving the right stick with one-to-one control. In other words, the user has a choice of moves and the speed at which they are performed.
  • Users no longer have to wait for a shot animation to play out before releasing a jumpshot, so early releases to beat the defense are possible. The new shot meter will provide more information on the quality of the release, teaching you how to shoot the perfect jumper.
  • New inside shots have also been added, including signature dunks and layups. Signature moves such as Jamal Crawford’s stepback jumper are also in NBA Live 16.
  • We can select which teammate comes over for dribble handoffs, which are performed by the B/Circle button. It’s also possible to queue up touch passes to move the ball around more quickly, by pressing the pass button again before a player catches a pass.
  • A new “Catch to Score” system increases responsiveness in NBA Live 16, allowing users to get off shots quicker after receiving the pass, as well as go to the hoop more swiftly and in stride after a catch or cut.
  • Passing animations have been added and improved upon (notably alley-oops). More contextually appropriate passes are also in the game, along with better passes on pick-and-rolls.
  • Speaking of the pick-and-roll, when you call for a pick, screeners actively set themselves up to screen defenders, and adjust themselves to any pre-screen movement. Continuing to hold the LT/L2 button calls for a re-screen, and quickly releasing LT/L2 and pressing it again gets your teammate to set their pick on the other side.
  • Users can also easily switch between a roll and a pop by pressing down on the left stick.

It’s certainly a big info drop, with some pleasing details about control and movement in NBA Live 16. Check out the blog for the full scoop, and take a look at the latest screenshots below, as well as in our NBA Live 16 screenshots gallery. What are your thoughts on the latest details on gameplay in NBA Live 16? Have your say in the comments below, as well as join in the discussion here in the Forum!

NBA Live 16 Screenshots

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