NBA Live 16 Gameplay Demo (IGN)

IGN has posted an NBA Live 16 gameplay demo from E3 2015, in which they also chat with developers Connor Dougan and Ryan Santos. The video runs for about eight minutes and contains raw NBA Live 16 gameplay footage, highlighting some of the improvements that have been made this year. It also spotlights some of the improvements to the visuals, including player faces and other details.

One of the key aspects of NBA Live 16 gameplay demonstrated in the video is the enhanced off-ball movement, physics, and AI involved with LIVEmotion. The video also shows off the new visual cues that indicate the optimal release point on both jumpshots and free throws, and reveals an additional defensive guideline in the player indicator. Connor and Ryan also touch on signature animations, from jumpshot styles to dribbling and size-ups, and mention improvements to the commentary and presentation.

Overall, it’s definitely a solid look at the key NBA Live 16 gameplay features and improvements, so be sure to check it out here on, here on YouTube, or embedded below. How do you think gameplay in NBA Live 16 is shaping up? Add your thoughts in the comments section, and as always, we invite you to join in the discussion in the NBA Live 16 section of the NLSC Forum!

NBA Live 16 Gameplay Demo at E3 2015

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June 18, 2015 1:58 pm

At some point…These NBA Live haters have to give props…The game looks good…its perfectly fine to enjoy both games for what they are

June 18, 2015 5:14 pm
Reply to  Andrew

Exactly….ive always played both….when NBA Shootout, In The Zone, Fox Sports NBA 2000…..etc…As a fan I give each game a fair shake….my all time favorite series is Live….2k is second. But im also not naive to the fact Live slipped once it got the the ps2 era…..It was no consistency, all of they’re games were polar opossites. 2k had a foundation and kept building on it and eventually perfected by the time 2k11 came out. If live would have just stayed the course and stop switching every thing each year people wouldn’t be expecting the worse each release. NBA Live 10 to me was I felt something they could have kept building on….imagine where they would be right now if they kept building off that formula…..2k would not have VC….they have VC because of lack of compatition. When your really the only one producing a solid product you can throw micro transaction in the game because the buyer really have no other good choices…..people better hope Live starting running neck and neck with 2K… would get a more polished game out of the box if that’s the case….compatition bring the best out of the opponent

June 18, 2015 9:06 pm
Reply to  MistaMidwest

Ditto, I loved nba live till it moved over to the ps3 which I bought just for the next gen version of Live that year and although the graphics were great for that era imo the game started losing its identity and seemed to be a completely different game each year which is why I started playing 2k but I think as much as 2k is a great game I have to admit I was always a live fanboy and would love nothing more for the series to rival 2k and the same level that they did 8-10 years ago.

And this is all promising things I am seeing from EA