NBA Live 16 Wishlist Reminder

Just another reminder that we’re currently compiling our Wishlist for NBA Live 16, and we’re inviting everyone in the basketball gaming community to add their constructive feedback. If you’ve got ideas for the next game in the NBA Live series, as well as any important NBA Live 15 bug reports, or suggestions on how certain features could be improved, please post them ASAP!

If you’ve got a lot of feedback, we suggest posting it as a list of 10-15 items, with a maximum of 20. If you’ve only got a couple of suggestions, that’s fine too; the development team are keeping tabs on our Wishlist, and every piece of constructive feedback helps.

You can find our NBA Live 16 Wishlist thread here in the Forum. If you’re interested in checking out my personal Wishlist, you can find it in this post. You may also want to post your suggestions in the Wishlist thread that’s being compiled here over in the official NBA Live forums on

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