NBA Live 16 Wishlist

The time has come to compile our annual NBA Live Wishlist, so that we can provide constructive feedback to the developers for NBA Live 16. If you would like to contribute, please post your ideas in this thread in the NBA Live 15 section of the Forum. Once we launch our NBA Live 16 section later this year, it will naturally be archived there.

As I mentioned in the Wishlist thread, we’ve spoken to developers in years gone by to determine the best format for presenting our ideas, and that’s ultimately been for everyone to post their top ten or fifteen wishes (ie. suggestions) for the game, elaborating on any points as necessary (but not writing a thousand word essay either). Please keep your list to twenty items at the very most, but ten to fifteen is optimal.

Once again, this is intended to be constructive feedback, so while we certainly encourage everyone to be honest and avoid sugarcoating their responses, please also refrain from being abusive, insulting, or snarky. If you want to rip into NBA Live 15 or the series in general, we have other threads for that (or you can create your own). However, please remember that Wishlist threads are for constructive feedback only.

That’s about it. Once again, for everyone who’s interested in contributing, please feel free to start posting your ideas and suggestions here!

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