NBA Live 18 Highlights: Lakers vs. Spurs

NBA Live 18 Highlights: Lakers vs. Spurs

Dee and I have connected on a variety of games over the past couple of weeks, as we’ll discuss in the next episode of the NLSC Podcast. In the meantime, you can see how one of those contests went down, as Dee put together the highlights from our NBA Live 18 game.

In the game, Dee and I took control of the Los Angeles Lakers for a co-op clash against the San Antonio Spurs. Dee suggested those teams as the pre-LeBron James, rookie Lonzo Ball Lakers are not usually a team we’d use, while the Spurs also had an unfamiliar look, having entered the post-Tim Duncan era. It proved to be a fun matchup that went right down to the wire! Along the way, we were able to create several highlights, which reminded us that while NBA Live 18 was a rough release in many ways, it can still be quite enjoyable. See for yourself!

We’re frequently uploading highlights from our co-op and individual basketball gaming sessions to the NLSC YouTube channel, in addition to the weekly Top 10 Plays, video essays, and more, so be sure to subscribe! As always, also feel free to hit us up with any suggestions of games that you’d like to see us play.

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