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NBA Live 18 Patch 1.03 Out Now; More Content

James Harden wearing the Rockets' Statement Jersey in NBA Live 18

Patch 1.03 has come through for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of NBA Live 18. A new in-game update is also available, adding new content and Live Event challenges. All of the latest updates should download automatically as long as your PS4 or X1 is connected to the Internet. If you encounter any problems, try restarting your console.

The most significant additions in these updates are probably the new Nike Statement jerseys (formerly known as alternate or secondary uniforms) for all 30 NBA teams. At launch, NBA Live 18 only featured the Association and Icon jerseys, formerly designated as the home and away uniforms respectively. Notably, a few home/away uniform assignments are actually incorrect in NBA Live 18, as not every team has chosen to wear their white Association jerseys for home games this season.

A new Celebrations Crate has also been added to The One. As the name suggests, it includes a selection of ten celebration animations for your player. The Crate will cost 12,500 Reward Points, which are earned through playing The One, LIVE Run, and the Pro-Am Tour. New Live Events have been added, including “Fear the Beard” and “What If: Melo Traded”. Finally, new rosters have also been pushed through, however a lot of recent signings are still unaccounted for at this time. We’ll be looking to compile some roster feedback in the Forum, to send along to the development team.

As always, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. I’ve also set up a discussion and information topic for the NBA Live 18 title updates here in our Forum, as well as an update history resource here in our Wiki. If you’d like to check out some screenshots of a few of the new Statement jerseys in NBA Live 18, see below.

Nike Statement Jerseys in NBA Live 18

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Will these statement jerseys be available in the One league? So far I don’t think it is unless its random


I would love to see an update on sound so the user can hear the refer’s whilst during fouls. Also injuries would be a nice addition for an update as well. Lastly responsiveness needs to be addressed specially with loose balls.